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Double Storey House Designs

That’s it! You’re building a home and decided you’ll be going for a double storey home. Whether it saves you money and land, or you prefer the multiple living options, building one of our many double storey house designs can give you more flexibility, as well as a façade that stands out.

Discover Clarendon’s double storey house designs to find the double storey home, available to build in New South Wales.

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Why choose a double storey home?

Double storey house designs can prove useful in urban areas where land is expensive, and building on 2+ levels enables builders to save some land for a garden, courtyard or even a pool. Therefore, they are a great choice when building in the greater Sydney area, for instance.

Building on two floors or more also allows the creation of extra living space without having to expand outwards. Furthermore, it allows the easy separation of spaces, by having the living area on the ground floor and elevating the sleeping area. Building on several floors also maximises the views on surrounding landscapes.

However, it is important to keep in mind that double-storey are not very age-friendly, as staircases can be a hazard to young children and the elderly.

How to choose the right double storey house design?

At Clarendon, we want to help you feel 100% sure and happy with your new house. That’s why we have a wide variety of modern, award-winning designs, and offer the possibility to customise your home as much as possible.

Once you’ve made the decision to build a two storey house design, you can browse our designs online and select your favourites. Have a close look at the floor plan and different facade options. Then, you can select a few designs and click "Compare" for an easy side-to-side comparison.

To get a better idea of the space and how it will fit your living needs, come visit one of our display homes. You can also call one of our consultants to start discussing building options!