Knock down rebuild your home

Renovating can be expensive, selling and buying can be a harrowing experience and you may have to move further than you would like. With the current shortage of land in the capital cities, more people are opting to stay where they are and choosing to knock down rebuild their tired old house into a beautiful new home.

We can suggest a suitable design for your knock down rebuild that suits your block of land. So if you love the street you live in, your neighbours, the local facilities or simply don't want to relocate the family, this is the option for you.‚Äč

Knock down rebuild your home with Clarendon

Building with the knock down rebuild specialists Clarendon Homes, gives you access to a catalogue of more than 40 home designs covered by the Lifetime Structural Guarantee scheme. All our homes come in multiple façade variations, with different interiors, to ensure we are building a house that is adapted to your lifestyle and needs.

You can start collecting new home ideas by browsing through our list of home designs, or visit us in one of our display centres. Contact us today for more information about our knock down rebuilds in Sydney, Newcastle, The Central Coast and Wollongong including our knock down rebuild process.

Why knock down rebuild?

Why should you knock down and rebuild your old house when you can renovate it instead?

Cost efficiency

If your house is old and energy-consuming, the costs of building and maintaining a new house may be lower than those of maintaining your current home, with the maintenance and energy costs that may occur in the long run. Knock down rebuild is an option worth considering.

Build a home with full living potential

A house with full potential might be tough to achieve through renovations, due to the space restrictions that will arise from the existing floor plan. Building a new house is the best way to design the space that you need, without making any compromise.

Stay in the neighbourhood

When your current house is becoming a liability for you, sometimes the only option is to find a better home. However, finding a new home in the neighbourhood you’ve become attached to throughout the years, can prove to be close to impossible. A knock down rebuild in NSW will allow you to keep living in your current neighbourhood, instead of relocating to a new location and starting a whole new life.

Our Process

Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Step Four
Step Five
Step Six

Step One

The Site Inspection

The Site Inspection

The building process starts off with a land assessment to ensure your new home complies with all thenecessary regulations. This includes a site inspection, a borehole soil test, preparation of a zoning certificate and a comprehensive contour survey of your land.

What you’ll need to do

A bit of paperwork is needed to make it all happen,
so we’ll be asking you to provide us with:

  • Clear documentation of your site, including size,
    dimensions, and 88B & 10.7 certificates
  • Additional reports such as Bushfire Report, Arborist Report, Flood Certificates 
  • An estimate of the overall budget for
    your new home
  • Personal identification (e.g. passport,
    driver’s licence, land title) to verify the
    legal details for your contract

Step Two

The Tender

The Tender

A member of our customer service team will be in touch to arrange a tender appointment to discuss and finalise your new home costs and plans. During the meeting we will confirm your site costs (based on the information received from the site inspections/surveys) and cover any changes and questions you might have. Once you’ve accepted your tender we’ll provide you with a colour selection folder and a sample copy of the HIA building agreement.

What you’ll need to do

As you prepare for the meeting, you should:

  • Make notes on any changes you might like
    to consider for your new home
  • Make final decisions on your plans based
    on your budget
  • At the meeting you will talk to one of our
    Construction Finance Managers who will
    tell you exactly which loan documents you
    require. You can also use this service for
    arranging your finance from start to finish
  • Submit all final structural changes so we
    can prepare your architectural drawings

Step Three

The Building Contract

The Building Contract

Now that your new home tender has been accepted we will...

Prepare a full set of architectural drawings of your new home and prepare a building contract, which includes your contract tender, with accurate pricing on any variations you have made to your home.

A member of our Customer Service team will be in touch to arrange your contract appointment.

What you’ll need to do

Before the meeting you should:

  • Obtain a copy of your conditional approval from your
    lender or use one of our Construction Finance Managers
    to organise your loan
  • Gather ownership details of your land for the Council application
  • Prepare to sign the building contract
  • Ensure all signatories can attend the appointment

At the meeting you willlmeet with one of our Construction Finance Managers to discuss the progress of your loan. At this stage, you will need to have your loan arranged with your chosen lender.

Step Four

Lifestyle Studio Selections

Lifestyle Studio Selections

The Clarendon Lifestyle Studio Team is here to help personalise your new home. We’ll contact you to arrange a meeting to complete your selections once your contract is signed. Selections include:

  • Internal finishes
  • External finishes
  • Finishing touches

Along with your Lifestyle Studio Consultant, representatives from our Partners will help you make decisions.

Selections include:

  • Tiles
  • Electrical
  • Floor Coverings
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioning
  • Staircase selections
  • Blinds and Screens

What you’ll need to do

When you meet with our Lifestyle Studio Team you’ll need to finalise your selections as efficiently as possible. We recommend that you set aside some time before the appointment to go through all the options and make sure you’re happy with your choices.

Before your appointment you’ll need to:

  • Visit the brick company showroom and
    select the bricks for your home
  • Browse through your selections brochures
    to decide on your inclusions

During your appointment be ready to:

  • Make final decisions on the finishes
    and inclusions for your new home

Lifestyle Studio Inclusions Tour

We highly recommend attending a Lifestyle Studio Inclusions Tour before your personal colour appointment. On the tour we’ll show you all your inclusions and give you an opportunity to see what changes you can make.

Sapphire Inclusion Tour: Saturday 10am, 11am & 12pm

Essential Inclusion Tour: Saturday 1pm

Step Five

Expert Reports & Lodgements

Expert Reports & Lodgements

We’ll obtain all reports required to support your application to Council, the private certifier and developer (if applicable) including:

  • Thermal and BASIX reports (as required)
  • Hydraulic stormwater reports (as required)
  • Structural engineer report
  • Water board approval (including sewer peg-out if required)
  • Landscape plan (as required)

If you are required to provide any reports in order for your applications to be lodged, we will let you know so you can provide them to your Customer Service Consultant.

These reports and other documentation will form part of the package we provide to the developer, the Council or certifier. When your lodgement is ready, we’ll submit the paperwork
and make any payments related to Council, developer and certifier assessments.

If you’ve arranged your own finance, we’ll provide you with a ‘bank pack’ after colour selections have been finalised. This includes all the information you’ll need to obtain formal approval of your loan. If you are utilising the services of one of our Construction Finance Managers, we will liaise directly with the lender on your behalf.

What you’ll need to do

Before we can submit the paperwork to Council, the developer or certifier, you’ll need to:

  • Ensure the lanscape plan is complete
  • Ensure your external colour selections are finalised with the
    Lifestyle Studio
  • Lodge a demolition application (if applicable). This is important
    to ensure the demolition is ready once the new house is appoved
  • Submit your ‘bank pack’ to your lender and follow them up for
    a formal approval (also known as a letter of offer) and mortgage
    documents. Once you have these, please send your letter of
    offer to our customer service team. If you are utilising the services
    of one of our Construction Finance Managers, this will be taken
    care of for you
  • Sign and return your letter of offer and mortgage documents to
    your lender as soon as possible. This will help avoid any delays
    down the track 

Step Six

Building Approval & Site Start

Building Approval & Site Start

Once the developer, council and private certifier approvals are received, we will:

  • Review your file and let you know if any other documentation
    is needed in order for construction to start
  • We will complete your final construction plans, incorporating
    all variations, plus a copy of your tender for your sign off
  • We will ensure you have all the information that your lender
    will need to provide you with a commencement letter. If you
    are utilising the services of our Construction Finance
    Managers, we will liaise directly with the lender for you
  • Once we have received your signed ‘Final Plans’ and have
    all other required items, we will start preparing your file for
    construction (site start)

What you’ll need to do

If you are arranging your own finance, you will need to submit the information we provide to your lender immediately, and then follow them up for your commencement letter. If one of our Construction Finance Managers is helping you, they will organise all of this directly with the lender.

Before we finalise your file, you’ll need to provide:

  • The signed copy of your ‘Final Plans’ paperwork
  • Written confirmation of land clearance
    (i.e., removal of sheds, trees, roots, etc)
  • If any existing structures on site require demolition,
    we’ll need a demolition/asbestos clearance
    certificate from the demolition company
  • If self-funded, please provide evidence of available
    funds to pay the contract price (i.e., a bank statement)
  • If finance is being obtained, provide a copy of the loan approval that states
    an amount sufficient to pay the contract price and contains the words
    “authority to commence construction” or “building works may commence”.
    Of course, if you are using one of our Construction Finance Managers,
    they will have already taken care of this for you
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Featured Designs

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Bowral 48

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This country-inspired home features expansive spaces for living and entertaining, including a spectacular master suite, home theatre, sitting rooms, four bedrooms and a loft that doubles as a multi-purpose area ideal for a growing family (in Bowral 52, 48 and 44).

If there was such a thing as a country destination house, then The Bowral would be it. Complete with sophisticated design, packed with stunning features and luxury finishes including high ceilings, mouldings, internal panelling, marble finishes, coffered ceilings and travertine fireplaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a knock down rebuild?

As the name suggests, a knock down rebuild involves pulling down your existing house and then reusing the land to build a brand new home that suits your family’s needs better. 

What are the benefits of a knock down rebuild?

Remaining in the same neighbourhood you love and keeping the address you know is one of the great benefits of a knock down rebuild. A knock down rebuild also means you can build the exact home your growing family needs, and include any extra bedrooms or living areas to suit your lifestyle. Last but not least, when you knock down an old house and build a brand new home, you can make sure the home fits within your budget and avoid any budget blowouts from nasty surprises.

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336.16m2 (36.18sq)
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Sheridan 39 MKII

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Mosman 48 Bed - House Plans & Home Designs Sydney NSW 5 Mosman 48 Bath - House Plans & Home Designs Sydney NSW 2.5 Mosman 48 Garage - House Plans & Home Designs Sydney NSW 2
445.93m2 (48sq)
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