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Family luxe, coastal chic  or something a little more glam? When building a new home, many people know exactly what aesthetic expresses their personality and lifestyle. For those who simply can’t decide on the look that will make their house a dream home, Clarendon Homes is here to help.

Clarendon is a leading Australian home builder with over 45 years of experience in design and construction, making it the most reliable resource when it comes to all things home and design. And with its new interiors style guide, Clarendon makes it easy to visualise the design theme that speaks to you. The guide showcases everything from modern coastal designs for those who are most at ease around a little sun and sand to classic and provincial designs for those who like a bold traditional living space. It also explores how to combine different materials, textures and colours to create a vision worthy of the glossiest interiors magazine.

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When does your new home start to feel truly your own? From the bricks you choose to the taps in your kitchen, every detail adds to the atmosphere of your home. It’s more than just the floor plan; it’s the colour palettes, textures, and personal touches that create a unique style to best suit you and your family.

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Coastal home styling by Clarendon Homes
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The ever-popular coastal style is modern and fresh, with a summer-inspired vibe. Think pale grey linens to complement light oak furniture, accented with sea green and hints of teal. If you seek a comfortable paradise away from paradise, this might be the style for you. You can visit Manning 31 Clarendon display homes in Lochinvar for a taste of this aesthetic.

Contemporary Find your Style saratoga by Clarendon Homes
Explore these styles when you visit our Display Homes


Clarendon’s newest NSW display home, the Saratoga 44 in West Pymble, features this minimalist and moody style with fresh motifs, modern fixtures, natural oak and terrazzo features. White on the outside, light and sleek on the inside, this home shows why Contemporary style is so popular among today’s urban buyers.

Country styling by Clarendon Homes - Country mood board
Explore these styles when you visit our Display Homes


Clarendon’s Bowral 44 in Lochinvar and The Cove 29 in Menangle displays are a modern take on traditional country-style interior design. This style is typically composed of a light, fresh palette accompanied by light timber floors. Other common features include cool toned joinery with glass inserts and milky-hued fabrics and furniture. If more authentic country is your style, take a look at the Bowral 52 display home in Braemar, consisting of an overall darker palette, including fluted glass to charcoal cabinetry with brass highlights.

Hamptons home style - colour palette - Clarendon Homes find your style
Explore these styles when you visit our Display Homes


With monochrome furnishing, warm/light timber and navy-blue accents, Hamptons styling is like an ode to the ocean. Typically, well-lit and applied to open-plan floorplans, this style creates the perfect blend of casual and affluent. Clarendon’s Boston 36 display home at Waterford offers styling inspiration for those who seek this breezy, elegant look.

Modern Provincial home design - Find Your Style by Clarendon Homes
Explore these styles when you visit our Display Homes

Modern Provincial

A modern spin on old-world design. Provincial styling features clean lines, contemporary architecture and rich materials and fabrics such as marble, silk and leather. Brass fixtures give this style a regal but contemporary look and feel. Examples of provincial design can be found in Clarendon’s Boston 42 display home in West Pymble.

A home you’ll love spending time in starts with embracing your unique style.

Ryan Barnett

Clarendon Homes Head of Design

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“Your home is more than an expression of your individuality,” says Sandra Gage. “An interior tailored through style, texture and colour can provide a secure, calming and relaxed environment a personal sanctuary. It can boost productivity, creativity and even improve energy levels.”

For customers ready to take the leap and start selecting fixtures, fittings and finishes, the Clarendon Homes Lifestyle Studio showcases all items from roofing to flooring and everything in between, with qualified consultants and Style partners on hand to offer expert guidance.

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