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How To Master This Year's Interior Design Trends

23.02.18 - Home and Lifestyle, Clarendon Homes

Image: @cocorepublic The Ashley Sofa

Your home should be a reflection of you, your family and your lifestyle. But, there’s always room for referencing design and decor trends to ignite a little inspiration. Luckily, the Clarendon design process is committed to giving you the options that both reflect your personal taste and needs, while also delivering the year’s biggest trend options. Ever on hand to keep us in the trend loop, Pinterest's Top 100 release is a great guide. Here are the exciting new and reborn ideas to keep in mind when you’re next wandering through our Lifestyle Studio

Follow the colour code

The greatest part about colour is its ability to be included in your home with little long-term commitment and effort. From statement wall colours to decorative touches, shades that move away from the neutral baseline of design safety nets can lift the whole look and feel of your home. But, not all colours are created equal. Here are the top colours to look out for in 2018 and the best way to use them.

neutral tone couch with plant for 2018 interior design trend


How to do it right:

Millennial Pink -  Art works in this statement shade will give your home an ultra-modern lift without appearing too trend-based. The beauty of art is its renowned subjectivity, so even when this bubblegum shade hangs up its trend hat, your artistic nod to it won’t date.

Olive Green – This muted shade has perfect bedroom appeal. Opting to paint the walls of your room in olive green will warm up the space and create a sense of intimacy. Olive linen bed covers are also having a moment, if a commitment to paint is too much.

Sage Green – Go all in. Sage is soft enough to carry through your main living areas without being overbearing. From oversized rugs to wall colours to kitchen cabinets, you can be a bit more adventurous with the tone. Just don’t do them all at once… Keep it as a base, don't go overboard.

Lavender - Historically a more feminine shade, the use of lavender is dependant on your overall look. If feminine features run deep, it’s a soft enough colour to hold the walls of an entrance, hall or bedroom. However, if you’re just wanting to add a subtle touch of the pastel purple shade, find decorative additions like vases, cushions or throw rugs.  


… spending a lot of money on trend items and colours. Unless you’ve always had a penchant for a velvet bubble-gum four seater $7000 couch, maybe save your burning wallet. These big statement items are undeniably beautiful on curated home design websites and your Instagram feed, but they are also expensive and overly-committal.

Mix your interior metals

It might seem like a fittings and fixtures faux pas to cross contaminate your metals, but it’s a design step in the right direction. While you still want cohesion, metals can complement each other without being in the same family.

bright kitchen with metal additions for 2018 interior design trend


How to do it right:

Copper is the metal of the year, but that doesn’t mean you need to go OTT with all your fixtures and fittings. Instead, mix up your metals. Here are the general rules to follow:

  • Pick a dominant metal and use others to accent around it. So, in your kitchen, choose your faucet metal and have that as your main metal. Then, opt for a complementary metal in your light fixtures and cabinet handles.

  • Consider the properties and finish of the metals, and opt opposing textures. Stainless steel teams beautifully with copper, while nickel and oil-rubbed-brass can look surprisingly natural together.

  • Include your secondary metal in the finer details like displayed jars, photo frames and exposed utensils - funnily enough, you want cohesion within your eclectic aesthetic.


… going for more than two choices in any one room, unless you’re very confident your overall aesthetic can pull it off. It’s not a hard and fast rule, and it can be done. It just takes finesse and dedication to the overall look. For most of us though, two metals are enough to create unique interest without looking like you've closed your eyes and pointed to anything on your 'choices day'.  

Make the ceiling a feature

From bold colours to wallpaper to flooring materials, the ceiling is the new feature wall.

wallpaper ceiling in nursery for 2018 interior design trend


How to do it right:

There’s no definitive rule, we’re heading into relatively uncharted territory (Sistine Chapel notwithstanding). It's a bold design move to make the ceiling a focal point of your room, so if you’re teetering on commitment opt for textured wallpaper in a neutral shade. Or, go for a bolder paint colour (then, worst case, you repaint and start again). If you’re all in for this trend, consider your surroundings - a panel wood ceiling could look incredible in a room adjacent to your outdoor decking to create flow. But, it’s unlikely to work in a closed-in space like a bedroom or study.


… going OTT with the surrounding design choices. Keep your wall colours neutral and your decor choices complementary to your statement ceiling, not fighting for attention against it.  

Wallpaper a statement wall

Once designated to the mistakes of our 1970s’ foremothers and fathers, wallpaper is back in a big way. Not to take its once rightful place in the background (even in its heyday), instead textures and prints are  the focal point of rooms this year.

Wallpaper feature wall in bedroom for 2018 interior design trend


How to do it right:

Do your research. Bold wallpaper walls are no shrinking violets and the application (or worse, removal) of wallpaper is no easy feat. Collect samples of the options you’re interested in and hold them against the decor you plan to use in the room. Also, consider the space itself - even in its floorplan version. How much light enters the room? Does the colour change in natural light? You want to be fully committed to your decision before going in. Wallpaper trends to look out for are: Velvet, dark florals and texture (like grasscloth).


… rushing into the decision. Wallpaper is not as easy to change as paint, so be sure of your choice.

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