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Adam: “We were about to renovate…”

06.08.18 - Home Building, Clarendon Homes

Adam lives with his family and new puppy in our Highgrove Box Hill estate.

“We always wanted to one day live in a nice new home and had considered purchasing an existing home, but the property market was going nuts and prices were really high for what we wanted. We considered building; we’d even gone to some local competitor display centres but didn’t feel like they were for us, so decided to just renovate our existing house. About a year later, though, I got a new job that put us in a more stable financial situation and we were able to revisit the building idea. So, we once again traipsed display centres… only, this time, we added Clarendon’s Super Centre at Parklea.

We loved two displays there, and decided on a house and land package at Highgrove, Box Hill and went with the Wentworth 33 home design. After speaking to a Sales Consultant who removed any of our uncertainty around hidden costs, it just all seemed to make sense for us. This was our first build and we wanted to go with a well known brand.

The house and land option removed a lot of the stresses for us – we had bouts of random fears about building before, like extra costs that could crop up due to excavating rock, or some other random geological or historical finding! We had no such concerns this time. On Mother’s Day 2016 we signed up and paid our deposit.

The physical build process took about eight months and much of the early stages are a blur, but the build process was great for us. We managed to stay in our existing home right to the very end as we only wanted to move once, and not put things into storage. From start to finish, everyone we dealt with knew their stuff and kept us informed if things needed attention or fixing. I found the designing process at the start most fun; where we got to move walls to suit us, etc.

Nothing compared to getting the keys and moving, though, that trumped everything.

We got the call that the final cheque was available to pick up at about 3pm on a Friday afternoon, we were at the bank by 3:10pm, calling our Site Manager on the way trying to organise keys. We had trucks booked and friends rallied to help get our belongings out of the old house and into our new one – it was a frantic four days! But, in hindsight, it was a fantastic few days… especially now that we have forgotten how tired and sore we were after moving furniture.

Funnily enough, my favourite room in the house is actually the garage. We extended it by taking bedroom, adding the space to the garage for more storage. The media room is also a hot favourite with the family.

We're making memories here all the time. We have a new house, new puppy and new friends in the street as everyone else finishes building and moving in. The peace and quiet at night is the best thing about the estate and location. There’s no noise from traffic, and it's dark enough to see lots more stars in the sky.”

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