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A Year in Review: The top most viewed of the 2018/19 Financial Year

24.07.19 - Clarendon Homes

The 18/19 financial year has wrapped up, so we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and relive your most viewed content throughout the year.

Starting July 1 2018, and ending June 30 2019, we've rounded up your top 5 most viewed home designs (single and double storey) and most read blogs in one neat collection so you can easily look back.


Top 5 Most Viewed - Double Storey Home Designs

  1. Boston 36
  2. Mosman 56
  3. Bayside 36
  4. Fairmont 38
  5. Bronte 28

Top 5 Most Viewed - Single Storey Home Designs

  1. Dalkeith 29 MKII
  2. Berrington 35
  3. Granny Flat 60m2 (1 Bedroom)
  4. Capri 24
  5. Darley 23

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Top 5 Most Viewed - Blogs

  1. Peek Inside Our Hamptons Boston 36
  2. How To Pair Your Personal Style With The Hamptons Trend
  3. Our Best Selling House Designs (For Your Narrow Block)
  4. When You Should Consider A Split Level House Plan
  5. Welcome to the Official Unveiling of Our Mosman 56

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