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What Is A Complying Development Certificate? Do You Need It?

13.03.18 - Home Building, Clarendon Homes

At Clarendon, our aim is to make building a new home as seamless, stress-free and enjoyable as possible. But, there are obstacles to a new build and a rebuild that can become tricky to navigate depending on the land or property you have purchased. One of these obstacles is approval, so here’s everything you need to know to help smooth out any bumps in the road to your new home…

What kind of development approvals are offered?

There are currently two avenues to getting certified approval for your build plans: Development Application (DA) and a Complying Development Certificate (CDC). The intention of each is the same; to get your home properly certified to build. But, there are some vast differences between the two...

What are these differences?

A DA is an application made to your local council and guidelines differ between regions. A CDC is an application through a private certifier using State Government Regulations – these regulations differ from Council Guidelines.

What are the pros and cons of each?

A DA can take up to up to 12 weeks to be approved, and trying to abide by the application standards can be confusing and difficult as each council follows their own guidelines.

CDC is a much faster application process (around 6-8 weeks) and due to their predetermined guidelines, is the preferred method for all good builders. The process itself is much easier and straightforward, guidelines are clear, concise and nationally universal and it can be cheaper (depending on individual council fees).

How long will it take to assess my application?

The determination time will be dependent on the type of application you are lodging and the information you submit as part of your application. Council approval is a two part process; DA approval is always granted through council, and the construction certificate can be granted through a private certifier. For Construction Certificate applications our turnaround time is generally seven working days. Complying Development applications have a turnaround time of between 10 and 20 days. All Complying Development Applications are subject to a mandatory 14 day neighbour notification period before we can issue our approval.

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