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Tiny House Trend Loses Steam As Multi-Generational Living Rises

13.03.18 - Housing and Property Market, Clarendon Homes

Home within a home option rises as multi-generational living gains momentum

The homes we live in are more than just spaces we occupy. They also speak to changes in how we live, population growth, longer life expectancies and cost of living. In response to these changes there has been a growing interest in tiny houses. They’re cute, functional and easy on the upkeep. However, their popularity seems to begin and end with nothing more than sheer curiosity, as just an estimated 100 are in Australia. Instead, we’re seeing a different solution: multi-generational living and homes within homes. ‚Äč 

Aside from the overall cost saving of multi-generational living (in a number of ways; from divvying of purchase price, to daycare alternatives to split bills) there are other great benefits to grandparents living with their children and their families. Studies show that strengthened relationships between grandchildren and grandparents has a positive effect on children's social abilities and wellbeing, and it improves the quality of life for older generations.

So, when you’re building a new home, should you be considering the prospect of a communal living arrangement? Clarendon’s Internal Granny Flat option could be your answer.

Building a home that caters to the needs of young families and older generations is not as difficult as you might think. The Clarendon Home Internal Granny Flat is designed to support this growing household demographic. The clever layout option - offered on a number of designs - features a self-contained space that’s perfect for elderly parents or older children still living at home.

Convenience and accessibility is at the heart of the granny flat. It’s located on the ground floor and features a private kitchen, open plan living/dining and a bedroom with ensuite. A glass sliding door opens out onto the side patio or garden for plenty of fresh air and natural light. Whether you need space for grandparents, teens, older children, an au pair or visitors, the Internal Granny Flat is an investment that will give you flexibility and peace of mind.

Of course, it’s not for everyone. But, based on the survey results revealed in Living Together: The rise of multigenerational households in Australian cities by Dr. Edgar Liu and Hazel Easthope, 1 in 5 Australians are opting for this household setup. And, according to the latest Census, the average household size has increased by 0.47% since 2011 due to growth of the multigenerational structure, showing that it is certainly a viable option for more and more Australian households.

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