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The Home Build Myths That Need Busting

22.02.18 - Home Building, Clarendon Homes

Starting a home build from scratch can feel like a daunting task. So many decisions to be made. It’ll take forever, right? Well, building can in fact be better on your wallet, and stress levels, than purchasing an established house. And, you don’t need to be a professional designer to create your dream home. We asked Clarendon NSW Sales & Marketing Manager, David Bourke, to help bust the biggest home build myths around the block (that you’ve been eyeing off)…

Myth: Home Builds take years to complete.

“The home build process takes approximately 12 months if the land is registered (Plan Approval & Construction Time Frame). All things being equal, one year is an accurate time frame new home buyers will need to allow and expect.”

Myth: Building a house is more expensive than buying a house

“For the most part, this is untrue - but it also depends on location. The biggest difference with cost saving here is that when a customer purchases a lot of land to build/construct a new home, they only pay the government stamp duty on the lot of land. A lot of land in Sydney, for example, is around $450,000. If a home buyer was to purchase an established or older home (for around $850,000) the stamp duty will need to be calculated and paid to the government on the total purchase amount. So, about double that of a home build.”

Myth: You need to be a designing genius to create a great house from scratch

“Definitely not the case. The luxury customers have with selecting a specific design with a volume home builder like Clarendon, is that they’re designed by an architect and the builder has constructed a display home for a customer to walk through and get a tactile experience. No boutique builder or architect is going to design a home and then build you a model/display home to see what it is going to look like before they start the process of creating their home.”  

Myth: You sacrifice quality with home build companies

“Not at all. The level of quality expectation of our customers is very high, and we meet that. From the home design to the display home specifications, to inclusions and workmanship, our product is second to none. Along with our lifetime structural warranty, there are not too many small or major builders out there offering this warranty to customers.”

Myth: You need to give up a lot of valuable personal time to build a new house

“Choosing a new home to build is going to consume most of a client’s personal time because it’s high investment decisions being made. Going around to all the display homes and villages is time consuming. But, once a home has been chosen and they’ve signed up with a builder, it is reasonably straightforward. The builder takes over from that point and does the rest (contract signing, colour selection, plan approval and construction period). They are your eyes and ears, so you can relax and watch your dream home come to life.”

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