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The Best Indoor Plants And Herbs For Health and Good Fortune

14.03.18 - Home and Lifestyle

Generations have a habit of glorifying their childhood - Gen Ys baulk at how little time is spent outside these days, while forgetting their parents were complaining about Game Boys. And Gen Xers heard it from their parents, as they sat transfixed to four channels on the analog television. But, there is a legitimate trend in Australia for families opting for bigger homes on smaller blocks, making days of swinging around on the backyard Hills Hoist a lost childhood memory. With that, it’s important to counter the loss of surrounding nature with indoor plants to ensure your health and wellbeing is taken care of. Plants not only improve air flow in the home, look great and have a fresh fragrance, they also expose you to diverse bacteria that is vital for your gut health. Handy too, that these plants and herbs are said to bring good fortune and energy to your home…  

Lucky Bamboo:

Not just a clever name, the Lucky Bamboo (or Dracaena) is a Feng shui-approved plant that represents peacefulness and wisdom. It also requires very little maintenance and can grow in low light areas. This is best for the office, bathroom and laundry.

Lucky bamboo at the Best House Plants



The Honeysuckle is said to attract money, offer protection and improve intuition. They’re tolerant of heat and virtually indestructible. They are a vine, so grow best on a lattice in an indoor/outdoor space, preferably in direct sunlight. Even better, you can eat the nectar from the flowers (just be wary of the berries - some honeysuckle varieties are poisonous).

Honeysuckle plant for The Best House Plants

Image: @handmadebykristen


This herb is super easy to grow, immediately usable in a multitude of ways and smells amazing - but it's not only fragrant and delicious, it's also believed to improve memory, boost mood and enhance brain power.

Rosemary herb as the The Best House Plants



We don’t need to tell you about the beauty of the orchid; this alone is reason enough to include it in your home. But, there are some other great benefits if you’re looking for an energy lift; it’s said to be good for the soul (we’re not sure how this is measured… but we’ll go with it) and is a flowering plant associated with fertility.

Orchid flower as The Best House Plants

Image: @daisy_brownn

Malabar Chestnut:

The Malabar Chestnut is very low maintenance; all it requires to thrive is low light and a weekly water (but can survive up to 10 days between drinks). The plant is said to bring luck and prosperity, and it produces edible flowers and nuts.

Malabar Chestnut plant as The Best House Plants

Image: @enliven.project

To keep that good energy flowing, see our Feng-shui friendly floor plans... 

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