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Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Choosing Your Interior Details

15.05.18 - Home and Lifestyle, Clarendon Homes

Building a dream home starts with an imagined life; it's a home not yet built, but living in your mind. So, it makes sense to have a vested interest in the finer details. From the fittings to the finishes, they should reflect a personal vision. But manifesting this vision into reality is a daunting task – where to start? And how do you choose?

Well, Clarendon’s Lifestyle Studio is your imagination, unpacked.

While there’s rising interest in bespoke inclusions for new builds (thanks Pinterest), the very nature of a unique home is personal style, not a trend. For the effort, expense and time put into building your own home, the last thing you want is to regret a green velvet wall or a gold speckled kitchen (again, thanks Pinterest).  

The Lifestyle Studio gives you a tactile experience, walking through hundreds of options to find your perfect fit and feel. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by choice, though, we’ve pulled together a few questions for you to ask yourself before committing to that copper tap handle

Why do I love this?

Think about what is guiding you to certain designs and fixtures. Are you enamoured with the copper tapware because you want a rustic, raw feel to your bathroom? Or is it because you saw them on a recent season of The Block? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from home makeover shows. But, use it to inspire your own ideas, not just copy because it’s on trend.

Does this suit the needs of my lifestyle/family?

Yes, floorboards might match the feel and aesthetic you are after, but does it suit you long-term? If you have indoor pets or children (or a plans to grow your family), this might not be your best option as soft under-flooring will be better for little toes. You might find that carpet is a more realistic long-term option for your lifestyle. Or, that floor boards are in fact the most suitable pick in the end. 

Am I making the most of my options? 

Building your home is an opportunity to really deliver something unique to you. After you have placed your deposit, utilise the the Lifestyle Studio consultants - they are there to support your decision and help with indecision. Even if you think your idea is totally out of the box, ask questions and talk through concepts - this is your chance to build something special, make the most of it.  

How do I want to allocate my budget?

Again, this is largely personal preference. But, there are ways to achieve a luxury finish without going over budget in all areas. Think about why you’re choosing certain materials and if they are genuinely suited to your lifestyle, versus the cost. A marble kitchen benchtop might trump upgraded appliances, or vice versa. Make a list of the top five non-negotiable luxury materials or fixtures you definitely want and keep centreing yourself back to those priorities when deciding on the rest of your home’s inclusions.

Do I truly love it, without reason?

Yes? Go for it…

You don’t have to have put down a deposit to see the Lifestyle Studio for yourself! We are open to the public on Saturdays 10am - 2pm.

Start creating here:

Clarendon Homes Lifestyle Studio Interior Decorating

Looking for added inspiration? Visit our Pinterest page for our favourite interior designs! 

Clarendon Homes Pinterest Page


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