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Pinterest Reveals its 2019 Home Trend Forecast

16.12.18 - Clarendon Homes, Home and Lifestyle

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… No, we’re not talking about Christmas, it’s the annual release of Pinterest’s top 100 release for next year. 2018’s iteration saw a big focus on mixing textures and materials, wallpapered ceilings and statement walls. Some didn’t take off as much as others (the effort of wallpapering the fifth wall might have waned its appeal somewhat), while some we’re still holding onto (mixing textured fabrics is a perennial winner). But, 2019 is more focused on colour, creativity and bringing the outdoors, in. Here are a few of the home trends we can expect to see next year, and how you can practically implement them into your new home.

Mustard Yellow

It’s not a colour that immediately springs to mind when thinking of interiors. In fact, it almost feels like it should be on the ‘definitely don’t!’ list, given its more common association with a sandwich addition than a wall colour choice. However, it works surprisingly well in almost all rooms, and decor styling preferences. From Scandi to Hygge and even Hamptons, it’s an accent tone made for complementing navy, greys and timber.

How to use in your home

Small doses. Try a comfy mustard throw at the end of your bed, or a few scattered cushions in your living room to navigate your level of comfortability with the eye-catching colour. Steer clear, at least initially, of going a full feature wall or expensive piece of furniture in this shade. Depending on the light direction in your home, your other furnishings and even your penchant for changing your mind, it’s best to tread lightly with this one until you know you’re definitely sold.


Mustard Yellow decor in a lounge room Clarendon Homes

Image of the Fernwood 34 at the Box Hill Display Centre 


It might be hard to fathom as we go head first into summer, but if you can cast your mind back to memories of chilly winter nights, you’ll appreciate the benefits of a crackling fireplace. The iteration of fireplaces today is a lot different to its yesteryear counterpart – no soggy wooden logs to navigate, and constant threat of a spider darting out! With easy and clean gas options (available as part of our upgrade packages), and the ability to confine them to neat wall niches, they’re becoming a big focus for new homes. In fact, they’re popularity has gone up by 763% on Pinterest!

How to use in your home

Granted, these aren’t as easy to include as a decorative cushion… But, they aren’t out of reach either, particularly if you’re at a stage in your build where changes are still an option. Speak to your Sales Consultant to see if a fireplace is an option for your home. Come winter, we promise you will not regret! We also offer the ambiance and practicality of outdoor fireplaces.


Outdoor fireplace large house Clarendon Homes

Image of Mosman 56 Display Home by Maree Homer Photography

Vertical Gardens

Gardens are beautiful, but they also require a lot of time and care to flourish. If spending hours weeding, watering and watching out for nasties ruining your efforts, then maybe a vertical garden is more your style. They are especially useful to smaller blocks that may not have the space to facilitate a full-on garden, or for people who love to grow their own herbs.

How to use in your home

Firstly, find a wall that will make sense. Putting in your bathroom or bedroom is probably a poor idea. Not only are they unlikely to harbour the right environment to keep a cactus alive, they don’t make a lot of decorative sense either. The idea is to either make the most of your outdoor space, or give a natural sense of bringing the outside, in. So, try an outdoor wall near your alfresco area, along a fence or on a wall that leads you outside. They are easy to maintain, last a long time and the addition of any plant or fresh floral into the home is great for health and wellbeing.


Vertical Garden

Image by Greenery Designs


Speaking of keeping a cactus alive… These spiky little plants have  been on the trend trajectory for some time. From finding themselves as artwork subjects to landing on cushions, vases and even clothing, they’ve grown quite the healthy fan base. Now though, cacti in its real form is taking the spotlight. Easy to maintain in almost all conditions, they don’t malt and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Just don’t go hugging it…

How to use in your home

Go to your local nursery, buy a cactus, place in your home. There are care instructions, of course, but they’ll aesthetically suit every room in the house. Just be mindful of high-traffic areas. Their spurs can be a bit painful if they come into direct contact with skin.


Indoor cactus Clarendon Homes

Image by Guiseppe Mondi on Unsplash

Bold Wallpaper

Wallpaper is really making its mark, turning up in trend forecasts for a few years now, it’s the best kind of trend (one that lasts!). While the 1970s’ version is still eschewed (every wall plastered in intricate print, including bathrooms), the interesting and quality prints available today are becoming a big hit in all areas of the home.

How to use in your home

It’s entirely up to you, and where you are in the ‘wallpaper journey’ if you will. If you’ve had it before, you might be ready for a full room (bedrooms work best) of print over paint. If you’re a newbie, get in professional help for application, and maybe opt for a feature wall to start with. Peony prints remain favourites, as do palm leaves and bright prints. It’s all about making a statement.


Bold Wallpaper bedroom Clarendon Homes

Image of Sherwood 43 Display Home by Maree Homer Photography


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