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Our Best Selling House Designs (For Your Narrow Block)

05.04.18 - Home Building, Clarendon Homes

Trawling through the existing home buying market, you’ll notice a bit of a theme: not a lot, for a lot. Small homes on small blocks are commonplace, in particular are prominent as urban living becomes more and more dense. But, you don’t need to sacrifice space when you’re on a smaller lot. In fact, our home designs for narrow allotments are one of the most popular choices with our customers. We understand that it can be difficult to know exactly what house design is suited to you (see our checklist for choosing the right house design), so we’ve pulled together our three top selling house designs from our Sapphire Collection for a smaller block, and their most popular facades to help you (excuse the pun…) narrow your choice.

The Best Narrow Block House Designs... 

Floor Plan Design: Rosebery 29

Rosebery 29 facade by Clarendon Homes for best Narrow Block Homes

Specs: 4 bedrooms; 2.5 bathrooms; 2 car spaces

The new Rosebery 29 boasts big family living, despite its narrow design. With four beds, living spaces and alfresco area, this clever design is the answer to ensuring your growing family will comfortably fit for years to come. It’s ideal for a 10m wide block, so you won’t feel like your home is busting at the seams of your land. The most popular facade for this floorplan is the Oxford with its impressive street appeal. See the floor plan for yourself. 

Floor Plan Design: Rozelle 25

Rozelle 29 facade by Clarendon Homes for best Narrow Block Homes

Specs: 4 bedrooms; 2.5 bathrooms; 2 car spaces

The Rozelle 25 has been designed to ensure you won’t ever need to compromise on space. With four beds, three living areas, and an alfresco, that’s a whole lot of house! All available to fit a 10m wide block, your family (plus guests) won't be stepping on each other’s toes. The most popular facade for the Rozelle is the Prominent - a clear front-runner with its sleek modern finish and dark wood accents. See the floorplan here.

Floor Plan Design: Northwood 28

Northwood 28 facade by Clarendon Homes for best Narrow Block Homes

Specs: Specs: 4 bedrooms; 2.5 bathrooms; 2 car spaces

The new Northwood 28 offers four beds, four separate living areas, an alfresco and double garage. This design once again suits a 10m wide block and has an open, expansive floor plan that makes you forget you’re living on a narrow lot. It’s the perfect home for entertaining and raising a family (or enjoying plenty of visitors). The most popular facade for this design is the coastal-inspired Pacific. The design has a unique architecture, appealing to those after a young and modern finish that will still sustain the test of taste over time. See the floor plan here.

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