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Luxury Home Architect Explains Why Mosman 56 Quality Matches Best Homes in Sydney

10.08.18 - Home and Lifestyle, Clarendon Homes

When we set out to build the luxury Mosman 56, we knew it would be something truly special. We wanted a home for those seeking architectural design, no sacrifice to quality and space.

Lead architect Nick has previously worked on some of Sydney’s most incredible harbourside homes. His portfolio was, and is, the epitome of absolute quality standard; his work on the Argyle Collection, and the Mosman 56 within it, is without exception. Together with his team, Nick developed the now Mosman 56 on display at the Super Centre, Parklea.

It’s with great pride that we can look back on the design process as a Clarendon dream fulfilled. Here, Nick talks about his inspiration, what sets the Mosman 56 from the rest, and his absolute favourite space in the home.

Luxury home Living Mosman 56 Clarendon Homes

What makes the Mosman 56 so unique?

The void is a big point of difference, although the cinema room and the master bedroom are quite special too. The master is definitely something we haven’t seen before in our builds. It reads as its own private suite with a full sized ensuite, a walk-in wardrobe that rivals some bedrooms and a built-in dressing table.

In addition, you’re saving upwards of $2m because it has been designed with efficiencies in mind. Although it’s an architectural design, the fees ordinarily attached to that calibre of home aren’t a factor for the buyer of the Mosman 56.

What was the design process for the Mosman 56?

The brief was to come up with a whole new design, and extend it into a series of homes to suit the newly created Argyle Collection. It was a matter of pieceing something together on an irregular shaped block, too. Coming from an architectural firm where money was no object, I had to reconfigure and design something with the same quality, but that wouldn’t cost the buyer millions of dollars. We got there!

Luxury home Master Bedroom Mosman 56 Clarendon Homes

What was the main focus of the brief?

The void in the entrance was a really important part of the vision for the Mosman 56 from the beginning, it had to have a grand entryway on arrival. But it also had to be a home that makes its occupants feel comfortable and could be played up or down. It needed to be suitable for guests and entertaining as well as having casual spaces.

What’s your favourite area of the home?

My favourite part of the house is the master bedroom, it’s pretty great. I also love the link between the back living rooms and the outside area. I had a lot of say in the landscaping, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’d say that the back area is where you’d go to relax, chill out and listen to the sound of the water fountain. I would want to live here!

Luxury Home Outdoor Mosman 56 Clarendon Homes

Why did you choose the Estate Facade for the display home?

It was the first one I designed and I love it. It’s contemporary and the colour palette is very simple. I wanted to keep it very simple.

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