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How to Future-Proof Your New Home Build

09.12.20 - Home Building, Clarendon Homes

When you’re choosing which home design best works for you and your family, it’s important to correlate your short list with your current lifestyle and needs. However, your home is a forever, or at least long-term, purchase that will need to grow as your family does. With this in mind, it helps to future-proof your home, so ensure that you’re setting it up to last the distance with these tips.

Consider how your family will grow

When looking for your home design, think about how your family will expand over the coming years. This could mean additional children, relatives moving in, pets, or even just your children growing up and the living conditions that best suit different stages of life. Or, are your children just a few years from moving out of the family home? It could mean that you need to reconsider how many rooms, or living spaces, you’ll need long-term.

Flexible living options

Once you’ve gone through all the options of how your family will grow, it’s time to look at your favourite home designs with a fresh perspective and take note of how you can repurpose certain rooms down the line, and decide which designs offer the most flexible living options. This could mean transforming play areas into more formal living spaces, extra bedrooms suitable for guests (are they positioned away from the main bedroom or living area, and close to a bathroom?) or a nursery into an office or guest room.

Smart home future

Although not decided in the house design picking process, consider how you might utilise smart home options in your new home. From a smart speaker, to security cameras you can view through an app on your phone remotely and smart locks, the advancement of smart devices in the home will only continue to grow. So, while you won’t need to necessarily adjust anything in terms of layout to suit their installment, it’s good to keep it in mind regarding positioning (if you have a security camera, is there a place on the facade it can go seamlessly, with a good view of your front yard?).

Save money on inclusion choices

When you’re choosing higher-commitment items (like inclusions upgrades), use your budget to go with classic choices that won’t date. We do stock all the latest trend metals and materials, but you should be mindful of how you place them and if you’re driven by personal taste or quick trends? You can also save money without sacrificing the home you want by opting for our Free Style selections. Think of what will be important to you long term, and make your choices based on this.

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