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How To Do Monochrome Decor (While keeping a warm and welcoming home)

08.03.19 - Home and Lifestyle

There’s something timeless and chic about monochrome that can’t be denied.

It’s clean, fresh and always creates a sense of sophistication to any room. But, the one downfall is, if done incorrectly, it can feel cold. You want your home to remain warm and welcoming when decorating. As we head into autumn, and so into the colder months that mean a lot of snuggled nights in, you want to create a monochrome look without sacrificing the softness that turns a house into a home. As a plus, all of our home designs can be created to suit your level of monochrome-love – the options are endless. Here are ways to incorporate the bold home decor trend into your home, leaving it cosy and cool, not cold.

Go modern monochrome over 80s-esque

Although the eighties were certainly fans of the monochrome look, it’s not the greatest era to draw your inspiration from. Hard lines and shiny black surfaces bombarding a space left little room to soften, and the ‘monochrome’ aspect was predominantly featured in immovable pieces like kitchen benches, bathroom and tiles and basins and floor tiles. Instead, opt for a more modern approach like in our Bayside 41 or Hamptons Boston 36 display home kitchens. Look to dramatic, but moveable, additions like coffee tables, vases, wall decor and mirrors to create the chic cleaness of monochrome, while keeping the base you’re working with neutral whites or natural materials (depending on your personal taste).

Monochrome kitchen Bayside 41 Display home

Bring it all back to you

While monochrome is essentially a minimalistic look by nature, don’t eliminate the additions that make your home you. The family photos, the little knick-knacks the kids made or that… interesting… decorative bowl your mother-in-law handmade and gifted you, and your guests, fall in love with your home. And you don’t have to do away with your monochrome moments. Use slate frames, silver or dark decorative plates and even a nicely curated collection of chrome magnets to hold the latest school drawing in place on the fridge, to pair the look with the family-focussed extras.

You don’t have to go all-in

If you’re playing around with the idea of monochrome and aren’t ready, or planning, to fully commit, just pick a space in the home that’s conducive to the look. This could be your master bedroom, the office (the clean lines might help clear the mind!) or the guest bedroom. These are all great places to start because they won’t require a lot to create a dramatic change, such as is demonstrated in our Sheridan 39 MKII display at the Super Centre, Parklea. A doona cover change, a few new lamps, some tone-applicable decorative extras and you’ve got the look you want, without the cost or total commitment.

Monochrome bedroom Sheridan 39 MKII Display Home

Opt for inclusions

If you’re ready for a little more commitment, take advantage of our Lifestyle Studio to have a look at the monochrome options in our inclusions packages. From cabinet and door handles to bathroom and kitchen fixtures, you can easily give a nod to the trend with the help and guidance of our talented and qualified Consultants. You can also literally hold them against your colour choices to ensure you’re getting the right balance of chrome and warmth before deciding.  

Looking for some more monochromatic inspiration? Visit our Pinterest board to curate your favourite looks. 

Pinterest Clarendon Homes NSW Monochrome home decor

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