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How To Decorate Like An Interior Designer (from the creative mind behind the Mosman 56)

13.09.18 - Clarendon Homes

The architecture of our luxury home Mosman 56 is truly something special...

...and its pairing with clever decor choices and interior design make it all the more remarkable. We didn’t want to present just a house, we wanted to give you an all-encompassing home experience on our largest scale to date. To bring this concept to life, Clarendon's Group Interior Design Manager, Carolyn Piggott, became the creative eye connecting the Mosman’s architecture and Coco Republic’s decor to create the luxury home we have today.

Offering an insight into the decorating process of the Mosman, Carolyn shares her tips on decorating your own new home. Whether it’s the luxe scale of the Mosman 56, the character of the Hamptons Boston 36 or the modern Bronte 28, here’s how to think like an interior designer while decorating your home.

Understand your floor plan, and work with its flow

Your floor plan is the blueprint for the decorating process, dictating the flow and space of the entire house. You want to be true to the base plan of your home when adding decor and design touches. A lot of the floor plan configuration is based on functionality, so you don’t want your decor to disrupt that.

When designing the interior of the Mosman 56, Carolyn carefully considered its unique floor plan – vast and grand – while allowing it to be a warm and comfortable home.

“The floor plan is what really makes the Mosman special,” she explains. “With this kind of design and flow, it was my job to ensure that I kept its intention of grandness and space in tact, while using furnishings and design details to ensure it still felt like a home you want to live in.”

Her advice is to stick to keep your furnishings in harmony with the functionality and purpose of your home’s layout.

Luxury home Mosman 56 display home living area by Clarendon Homes

Pick a space to centre the rest of the home around

Of course, don’t pick just any space; we’re not sure the garage or bathroom are good hubs to draw the rest of your design from... Choosing a space you love to reside, like the living or dining area, is a better place to start and can include some statement furniture pieces that the rest of your design can get inspiration from.

By choosing one room, the decorating process will feel a little less daunting, too. Whenever you feel like you’re having a creative blank, you can constantly refer back to that room and see how it can be expanded into other areas of your home.

For Carolyn, the Mosman’s large open plan area at the back of the house drew her in and she felt this was the perfect place to start.

“My favourite rooms are the open plan kitchen, family and dining because when get you get to the throat of the house, it just folds out in front of you,” she says. “It has the most expansive line of sight in the home, and it was really where I drew a lot of inspiration for how I wanted to go forward. It’s important to consider these main spaces the heart of the design for the rest of the home. It’s where you’ll spend the most time, after all, and the main area guests will be.”

While it’s great to draw inspiration from one space, only take two or three main elements for continuity. For example, the colour of your couch could be pulled into the hallway via a piece of art and then in cushions in the master bedroom. Avoid having entirely matching rooms. It’s not about replicating – each room can still have its own personality.

Luxury home Mosman 56 display sitting area at Clarendon Homes

Let the outside inspire the inside

Choosing your facade is a big decision and one you haven’t made lightly. After all, it’s the first impression of your house, and what you’re coming home to every day. So, you want your interior to do it justice. It’s not about matching the facade to the decor, but bringing in some of its elements to keep the theme going.

For the Mosman 56, Carolyn was inspired by the Estate facade chosen for the Parklea display.

“Curb appeal is really important, and I wanted to take inspiration from the facade and pull it inside,” she says. “The colour palette on the Mosman facade is grey, black, white and taupe with a touch of mustard and navy blue as a highlight accent. When I gave Coco Republic a colour wheel, I was guided by these tones and you can see them featured throughout the entire home. In everything from the furnishings to the joinery and the tiling, it all ties back to the facade.”

Always remember too, this is your home. While trends and Pinterest boards serve a great inspirational purpose, remain true to your home representing your taste, personality and lifestyle. By using these tips from Carolyn, you can create an interior that uses the same guiding gut-feeling you had or have about the perfect floor plan, facade and neighbourhood, that works for you and your family.

If you’re proud of the home you’re creating, we’d love to hear from you! Post your favourite rooms on Instagram with the hashtag #clarendonhomesnsw and the inspiration behind it.

Luxury home Mosman 56 Facade on display home at Clarendon Homes

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