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How To Create a Modern Country Living Home

19.06.19 - Home and Lifestyle, Clarendon Homes

Interior design inspired by country living has had quite the reinvention. The new, modern country home plays with contemporary Australian style, but with a twist, making its charm hard to resist! Ranch-style country living interior perfectly offsets the hectic city or suburban pace, adding comfort, calm and a coziness - after all country style is all about spending time at home - that work in well with the Hunter/Newcastle backdrop, complementing your Estate Collection home. Here are three fail-proof ways to create your own modern country style home.

Designer country-style homes start with a colour code

The most beautiful traits of country home living are the traditional patterns its famous for: gingham checks, shadow stripes and, even mismatched floral prints can adorn the home in a chic and up-to-date way. The trick to keeping it current and timeless is to look for these patterns through textures, on neutral base tones. Sand, browns, taupe and creams mixed with moss greens, soft yellows and mint blues allow rich textures to shine and create a country feel without being overbearing or too obvious. Look for neutral toned cushions with textured checks, embroidered quilt throws and woven wall art to set the tone of your country-inspired home.

Be savvy with statements, and splurge on safe

Country living is as much about the feel of your home as it is the look, and a careful balance of statement items and big ticket items will ensure ultimate cosiness. It’s all about creating a space that encourages warmth, and nothing does that better than a big, beautiful, forever couch. Country living calls for a couch that you can sink in to after a long day. Do your research and sit on as many as possible! Opt for how it feels, over if it’s a trend. Go for neutral or navy tones if a fabric, or a brown leather. Offset your safer, splurge purchase with a more savvy item like an inherited timber piece or statement rug (if you do your research, you can find some great quality bargains), occasional chair or ottomon.

Include your personal touches

There’s something very nurturing and welcoming about the country interior aesthetic; nothing quite beats it for feeling ostensibly ‘home’. With that, the inclusion of your personal touches is vital for pulling it off to its best potential. Some well placed old glassware or vintage jug creates great “lived in” interest that helps set the mood. We’re in a digital age, but take the time to print your family photos and display them on your walls, create your own art and crafts (if you’re so inclined) to display around the home and even let the kids have a go at creating their own! Country living isn’t a perfectly curated finish, it’s all about being relaxed, slightly undone and a representation of your family.

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