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Getting Cosy - Warmer Styling Tips For Autumn/Winter

06.05.22 - Home and Lifestyle, Clarendon Homes

With the end of warmer months closely approaching we’re starting to turn indoors to wait out the forthcoming cold, winter days. Having somewhere cozy to relax with family and friends within your home can create a beautiful setting to unwind and re-coup throughout the middle part of the year. Here's a few tips to cozy up the family space.


The key to creating a cozy atmosphere resides with the ambience of the room. Energy efficient LED downlights can bring a feeling of warmth and stylish simplicity into your home, with the added bonus of reducing your power bills. If you want to take that extra step, try varying the overall lighting sources in a room to produce an enhanced warm feeling. Low lit floor, table and desk lamps will emit a soft warm glow that will enhance warmth and coziness when snuggling up on the sofa. 

how to make your home cosy for winter - lighting

The Television

We’re not going to suggest to get rid of the TV - (but if you can, do it) - otherwise try and minimise its use! In the hustle and bustle of living, it truly encourages everyone to chill out, interact and relax together. If you’re lucky enough to have the epitome of relaxation - a fireplace, like in our Mosman 56, Boston 36 or Fairmont 38 homes on display - rearrange your space to make it the star of the show! If you don’t, point the seating arrangement at a window or even a feature wall with a bookcase to help your mind wander off. 

how to make your home cosy for winter - television
Our house plans already have this function considered, with multiple living spaces designed for just this, such as is demonstrated in our thirteen homes on display at the Super Centre, Parklea. If a knock-down rebuild, renovation or floorplan overhaul just isn't an option, there’s always those great looping videos on YouTube of fireplaces (complete with crackling sounds) that can make a great warming substitute. 

how to make your home cosy for winter - television 2



It’s probably a given that comfort and coziness go hand in hand. The key to comfort and creating an inviting look in your living room starts with your Sofa. If it’s time for an upgrade, pick a sofa that oozes relaxation and if you can, compliment it with a variety of seating options (like armchairs and ottomans that can be moved around to create different conversation circles in the living space. 

how to make your home cosy for winter - seating

Soft Furnishings

If you're happy with your current seating arrangement, pick up some pillows, cushions and throw over rugs to layer up your sofa (you can never have enough layers!). Pick earth tone colours and soft fabrics, for example, fur or velvet that give your seating spaces a snuggled up vibe. 

how to make your home cosy for winter - soft furnishings

Finishing Touches

how to make your home cosy for winter - finishing touches

[Image curtesy of our real Clarendon customer @thesuburbanspy]
Bring your home to life with your own personal style and memories. Surround yourself with what you love! Personalize the shelves by showing off your favourite things like books, flowers or even family photos to make your family space cozy this winter.

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