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How To Create the Perfect Alfresco Space

30.01.19 - Home and Lifestyle, Clarendon Homes

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a weekend barbeque dinner floating through the warm breeze of a summer night.

One of the best parts about an Aussie summer is being able to enjoy balmy nights eating, entertaining and relaxing. With temperatures reaching record highs through the day this season, it’s nighttime that really shines for enjoying your outdoor space, and has us bringing alfresco living quickly to the top of the priority list. To create the perfect outdoor haven, it’s not enough to throw a few plastic chairs out the backyard. Today’s alfresco living is all about comfort, convenience and creating a place you can enjoy all year long. Here are our easy top tips for creating the perfect alfresco space.

Define the spaces

The outdoor living options on our home designs are created for living. They’re an organic extension to the home, rather than a whole separate entity. Because of this, the flow outside should continue as it does inside, with the same attention to designated spaces. For this, it’s all in the placement of furniture. Keep your dining setting close to the barbeque area and allow a few options for additional, comfortable seating for when you’re entertaining. Ensure your more lounging-focused furniture is situated a bit away from the cooking area and closer to things that bring comfort and enjoyment (such a great view, a vertical garden or a fireplace). It’s here that you’ll lounge the night away and likely spend the most time.  

Inject greenery

Speaking of vertical gardens… Setting up plenty of greenery in your alfresco area gives it life, colour and can serve very practical uses. Plants are a great natural air ventilator and will help keep the area cool in hotter months. Depending on the specific climate of your area, and the time of year, you can plant edible flowers, herbs and spices to make your garden truly functional. Greenery also just offers the simple pleasure of making a space beautiful, fresh and inviting. Some plants are easier to manage than others, so find what works for your lifestyle to ensure they stay vibrant and alive.

Opt for comfort

While the look of your outdoor space is important, comfort should be at the top of your priority list. Go for furniture that is durable both in terms of surviving seasonal changes, and by retaining their comfort over the years. Cosy outdoor lounges, padded dining seats and even outdoor rugs create a space that will always be inviting, and that will provide you with hours of comfy lounging.

Supply shade

Our outdoor area designs know the importance of protection against the elements, and so are created with awning options to provide plenty of shade. But, the sun does not sit in the one position and shading should facilitate an all-day solution to direct sunlight (and rain). Depending on the orientation of your block, your shading needs might need a little tweaking. Speak to us during the process of choosing your home design to discuss the best options for you. And, you can also create your own solutions within the space. From taller plants to outdoor blinds, there are ways to protect you and your outdoor area from the elements all year round.

Create an all-season space

Outdoor areas shouldn’t be reserved for the summer months. They can be equally enjoyed through spring, winter and autumn, if you have the right set up. Ensure you have a heating solution that will keep you warm and comfortable in colder seasons (like a fireplace – something Pinterest predicts as a major home trend for 2019), outdoor blinds to protect from the wind and position your furniture far enough away from the reach of rain so you can watch a calming sun shower without getting a drop on you.

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