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4 Reasons a Knockdown Rebuild is Better Than Renovating

02.07.20 - Home Building, Clarendon Homes

When you’re thinking about building a brand new home, there are a few factors to consider, and the land you own is a vital consideration. But, what if the land you own happens to already have a house on it, and you’re living in it? Well, there’s the option to knockdown rebuild. You’ve probably sat in your house daydreaming of changes you’d make if you renovated; only to find that the list of alterations has become so long you might as well just start from scratch. We couldn’t agree more. There are some great reasons to utilise the land you’re currently living on and build a new home, without changing your address.

You don't have to change your address to move into a new home

Where you live and why you love it has as much to do with the neighbourhood as it does your home. Your local cafe knows your order without you asking, your kids have been playing in the same park for years, they enjoy their school, and you have great neighbours who put the bin out when you forget or are away. These are the things that make life sweeter, and you don’t want to have to make the choice between upgrading your home and changing your location. With a knockdown rebuild, you don’t need to make that choice. You can keep your aspect and your address, and build a brand new home to proud of (and maybe make your neighbours just a little green with house envy).

You can build a new home, completely customised with inclusions

Because you’re building your home from scratch, you aren’t confined to the restrictions of your current house’s architecture and have a lot more freedom to create something you truly want and love. You can have that open plan kitchen and living you’ve been dreaming about without being disappointed by a load bearing wall that can’t be altered. While our homes are pre-designed, we offer many adjustments to suit your needs and taste; we can flip a floor plan, raise the ceiling height, turn your media room into an extra bedroom or bring a master bedroom to the front of the home if your lot has a front-facing view. We also offer optional upgrades on inclusions to make your home unique to you.

A knockdown rebuild is more convenient than renovating

We’ve all heard the renovating horror stories: construction in one room while you try to sleep or keep the kids safe in the other, dust, debris and uncertain finishing point. A knockdown rebuild is unlike any other Clarendon build in terms of time frame and price negotiations. We give you a timeframe that we stick to under all reasonable conditions and, unless upgrades are specifically requested by you, your cost to build is a clear amount you can confidently budget around.

You can get ultimate curb appeal at a more affordable price

We pride ourselves on our incredible facades, and understand the importance of curb appeal; particularly if you’ve found your house looking noticeably more weathered than your neighbours’. Our more recent offering, the new luxury Mosman 56, has taken an extra step in architectural design – created by an architect, inspired by Sydney’s beach and harbour-side homes. This kind of all-inclusive service offering, and manageable upgrade options, mean you’re getting the quality and appeal of a beautifully designed home, without being lobbed with the inflated price tag that can come with that level of facade and design.

Discover our Display Home and Speak to our Experts  

Visiting our Display Home in Parklea NSW, is the best way to start your homebuilding journey, regardless of whether you are looking to build a new home, or planning a knock-down rebuild of your existing home. 

However, if you’re further afield, we have Sales Consultants located in all of our Display Homes and Sales Offices, from the South Coast to Newcastle, that can provide you with expert advice. 

Visit for a full list of locations and to make an enquiry or call us on 13 63 93. 

Are you looking to upgrade your house to a luxury home design? Have a look at our Argyle Collection's Mosman 56 display home at the Super Centre, Parklea. 

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