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6 New Year Resolutions to Get the Most From Your New Home Build

30.01.19 - Home Building, Clarendon Homes

New Year resolutions can often end up a list of everything you won’t do. Or, might mildly attempt and cease. Rarely are they achievable, realistic resolutions, let alone achieved resolutions. We set ourselves up for extreme healthy habit promises, sign up for expensive gym memberships or swear we’re going to read through our entire book/kindle collection by mid-year… It’s exhausting even contemplating. But, resolutions that will ensure you get the most out of your new home build? That’s something we can get onboard with. Not only will they give you a smoother, more enjoyable journey to your brand new home, they’re also entirely achievable and don’t cost you any extra to follow.

New Home Build Resolution 1:

“I won’t confuse my wants and my needs”

It’s really important you set down a firm list of what you need, before you list your wants. Ask your family (who will be living in the home too) what they feel they need, and take note of what you really require from a home. Will it grow with your family? Is the home design the right one for your lifestyle? Is it in budget? When you’ve written your list, take a second look with fresh eyes and see what is an actual need, and what is a want. Your needs list might be a lot smaller than you think, but the most vital list you’ll have for the whole process.

New Home Build Resolution 2:

“I won’t abandon my wants”

Knowing exactly what your needs are does not mean you should throw away your wants list. It is your future home, after all! Your wants are as important as your needs, they just come with a little more wriggle room than their definitive counterparts. And, it’s a really exciting list to make. Start with your ultimate, ideal wants (go crazy with your ideas, there’s no limit!); you’ll probably find the list to be quite lengthy… especially if the whole family gets involved. Then, start being crafty about how these would realistically fit in your home, lifestyle and budget. Some might need to be deleted (sorry, gold-plated receptacle), but many will just need to be tweaked to be viable. For example, if your want is to have a spa-like ensuite to escape to, think about what makes you think ‘spa’ – maybe it’s less about a sauna and more about ambiance. So, a certain type or shade of tile, the inclusion of a bath or a home design with a tucked away layout for this room.

New Home Build Resolution 3:

“I will ask questions… Lots of them!”

From our Sales Managers to our Lifestyle Studio Consultants and Site Managers, we’re here for you! There is no such thing as a ‘silly question’ and, truth be told, we’ve heard it all. It’s our job to have the answers for you, and if we don’t have them right away we will go to great lengths to seek out solutions to any questions, queries or concerns. Make sure you never leave us feeling like you’re missing information that is important to you. We’ll always ensure that we’re giving you everything you need, but not all questions are universal and there will be things unique to you that you need to know. When you think of something, write or type it down immediately so that you’re ready to hit us with hard (and easy) questions. As many as you have!

New Home Build Resolution 4:

“I will come prepared”

As much as it assists us with providing you the best service possible if you’re prepared, it’s equally (or, more so) for you. From your display home visit, to the final touches of your completed home, coming prepared with lists, documents and anything you might need, will ensure the build process is smooth and stress free. Feel free to ask us in advance what you will need for each part of the building process.

New Home Build Resolution 5:

“I will know my budget”

Although we understand there are often options to manage and adjust budgets as you go, it’s important to have a good handle on your realistic ballpark budget. It’ll help you narrow down your needs and wants more concisely and help you enjoy the build process by eliminating any financial stressors that can occur from reaching well beyond your means. We have an option to accommodate almost all budgets and are more than happy to work with you so you get the very best for your financial capabilities. For example, our Designers Choice option is perfect for being able to achieve a larger floor plan by opting for more budget-friendly interior choices that don’t interfere with the overall look of your home.  

New Home Build Resolution 6:

“I will take advantage of the unique experience and enjoy the process!”

Building a home will arguably be the biggest purchase of your life, and one of the most rewarding experiences – take it all in, and enjoy! From the initial process of scrolling through our Home Designs, walking through our Display Centres, and speaking with a Sales Manager, right through to turning the key to your brand new home, it’s a journey you want to savour. Use the above suggestions to mitigate stress risks, and take the time to really absorb what an incredible process it is to build the home that will be the backdrop of family memories for many, many years to come.

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