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Getting Started /07.11.23

Your Guide to a 7-Star Sanctuary

At Clarendon Homes we are making it easier for our customers to live sustainably, thanks to our energy-efficient and state-of-the-art homes. Energy smart house design is at the heart of the Building Sustainability Index (BASIX), a comprehensive scheme introduced by the NSW government that sets and measures the standard for thermal performance, water conservation and energy efficiency in residential buildings. In important news for home buyers, under the new rules, which came into effect on October 1, 2023, the minimum standard of compliance with the Building Code of Australia’s energy efficiency requirements has increased from 5-stars to 7-stars.

Clarendon Homes build energy efficient homes that are BASIX 7 compliant.

What is the BASIX Rating System?

The BASIX star rating system evaluates a home's energy, water and thermal efficiency, with a primary focus on design and construction features. It considers factors such as insulation, advanced glazing, and effective use of natural lighting and ventilation. The better a home performs against these features, the higher its star rating.


As leading home builders for over 45 years, Clarendon Homes holds a deep-seated commitment to our dual responsibilities – to provide value to our customers and to limit our impact on the environment. And we cater to both in style.

While we’ll be pulling out all the stops to ensure all our new homes built follow the new standards, our true delight comes from constructing homes that are sustainable and timelessly stylish.

For more information about the new regulation, check out our BASIX guide.

Building your 7-star home with Clarendon

Striking the perfect balance between stylish and sustainable is a core tenet of any Clarendon Homes property. Here are some of the options available to transform your home into a 7-star oasis.

Flooring options for insulation and duration Clarendon HOmes

Sustainable Flooring Options

You can now give your new Clarendon home a flooring makeover that's not only beautiful, but also keeps your energy bill to a minimum.

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Clarendon Homes 7-star BASIX energy efficient

Roof & Wall Colour

In a climate as warm as Australia's, choosing the right colour scheme for your home can have a big impact on its overall energy efficiency.

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Insulation 7-star BASIX hallway entry Clarendon Homes

House Insulation

At Clarendon Homes, we pride ourselves on creating homes where comfort, sustainability and innovation work in harmony. A key ingredient for this is installing insulation.

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