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Clarendon’s Guide to Better Insulation

An important step in the home-building process, insulation features work silently behind the scenes to make your living space both comfortable and more energy efficient. Lisa Haddad, Lifestyle Studio Manager at Clarendon Homes, explained external wall insulation is an important feature that absorbs and distributes heat effectively, particularly when darker materials are used. “Better insulation, paired with lighter colours, can help maintain a cooler indoor environment without the need for frequent air conditioning,” she said.

Lisa shared her insights into how the right insulation can help your house to stay temperature controlled, without relying on energy-intensive appliances like air conditioning.

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The Clarendon Approach

Insulation is a fundamental part of Clarendon’s commitment to sustainable and comfortable house design. It aligns perfectly with Clarendon Homes’ goal to provide homeowners with a living environment that's both eco-conscious and cosy. What truly sets Clarendon Homes apart is our dedication to using the best insulation materials and practices.

Insulation and BASIX Compliance

When it comes to building a new home, meeting BASIX standards is a key sustainability consideration that should be front of mind for any homeowner. Meeting the 7-star standard will help your household to reduce your energy use, lower utility bills, and bring down your carbon footprint.

At Clarendon Homes, our properties are designed and built with superior insulation standards. We believe that insulation is about more than just meeting design standards - it's an essential piece of puzzle when building energy efficiency and comfortable homes.

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Energy efficient materials

We offer insulation materials and services such as glass wool insulation, wall sarking and ceiling insulation that will seamlessly control your home's interior temperatures throughout the year. And best of all you won't be tempted to switch on those costly air conditioning and heating appliances.

Insulation Materials and their Benefits

Glass wool Insulation

Often referred to as fiberglass, this insulation material is created from recycled glass and natural sand. Glass wool contributes to better insulation by trapping small pockets of air, making it a slow conductor of heat and an excellent way for you to control the temperature of your home during both the hot and cold seasons.

Wall sarking (or Wall-wrap)

Wall sarking, also sometimes called ‘wall-wrap,’ is a pliable membrane that is applied to walls to prevent elemental damage including heat and moisture. High quality wall sarking solutions supply an extra layer of thermal protection, reducing the need for excessive heating and cooling, and provide long-term protection to your home. Best of all, it provides all important energy savings.

Ceiling insulation

Clarendon’s ceiling insulation options are carefully selected to help you optimise the change in indoor temperatures that can often result from roofs absorbing too much heat. Using the highest quality ceiling batts, we can help create an energy-efficient buffer in your build that curbs the top-down transfer of heat.

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Energy Savings with your home

One of the key benefits of our well-insulated homes is the significant reduction in energy consumption. It helps you stay cosy in the winter without having to crank up the heat, and in the summer, it keeps your place comfortably cool without a frequent requirement for air conditioning. In addition to creating a comfortable living space, this results in tangible energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

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Enhanced Comfort

Insulation keeps drafts at bay, ensuring your home is comfortable throughout the year. By choosing appropriate insulation options, you can enjoy a home where every season feels pleasant. Our insulation materials provide effective temperature regulation, making it easy to relax, work and live, without the need for constant adjustments to heating or cooling systems.

Home theatre acoustics and insulation Clarendon Homes

Acoustic Insulation

Household insulation doesn't just regulate temperature; it can also act as sound barriers, offering homeowners a peaceful living environment. Typically suited to home theatres and home offices, acoustic insulation reduces the transfer of noise from one area of the home to another. This is achieved by adding mass and thickness to the walls, creating additional layers that help stop sound from penetrating through to the other side of the wall. With acoustic insulation, homeowners can enjoy movie nights and work-from-home days without frustrating disturbance from the rest of the house.

BASIX 7-star home regulations

Installing well-built insulation is one of the most important steps in building your energy-efficient home. In addition to thermal and acoustic control, proper insulation of your home can also make it more breathable, reduce moisture, prevent condensation and mold formation. The benefits are endless!

Insulation is also an important requirement under the new BASIX 7-star home regulations. With Clarendon’s help, you can elevate your home’s insulation and live in a “forever home” that is not only stylish but also environmentally responsible.

For more information about BASIX and its impact on your home, consult our BASIX guide

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