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Design and Style /28.09.23

Child's Play

Designing the perfect child's bedroom

A child’s bedroom is their sanctuary - a place to escape from the outside world, relax, imagine, and play. Clarendon Homes Group Interior Designer, Sandra Gage shares her tips to help you transform your children’s bedrooms into a beautiful haven, as unique as they are.

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Feature Walls

Decals are the simplest way to decorate a wall, they are easily removed when you are ready for a change and are gentle on paint. Other options include wallpaper, wall-panelling or contrasting paint colour on a single wall. You may also like to incorporate some quirky feature hanging hooks – they look great on their own but are also good for frequently used items, especially where space is limited.

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Artwork and Wall Decor

Framing your child’s artwork and hanging it in their room gives an original look and your budding artist will be chuffed. You can also incorporate wall hangings such as bunting, an interestingly shaped mirror, framed prints or canvasses and wall-mounted shelves double as a display for favourite books and toys as well as storage.

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Pattern and Texture

Textile layering adds both interest and warmth to your child’s space. You can add texture through finishes on cushions and rugs as well as with woven fabrics and chunky knit blankets and throws. Try experimenting by mixing and matching patterns keeping the colour palette cohesive.

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Furniture and Storage

A walk-in robe is highly sought after - it can be customised with joinery to incorporate rails, drawers and shelving. In addition to this, choose multipurpose pieces that are adaptable for longevity - for example, ottomans that can be used for storage and seating, cots that convert to toddler beds, and change tables that can later be used as a chest of drawers.

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Including a variety of lighting options is recommended. Bedside lamps should be warm light for relaxation while, pendant lighting for task areas and desks are best suited to a daylight selection. String lighting or muted night lights are a beautiful addition to add a soft glow to the room. Blinds or shutters are great for blocking out light and keeping the room cool, whilst sheer curtains soften the look of the room and provide filtered light during the day.

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Shared Bedrooms

Consider using a bookcase as a room divider to either separate sleep and play areas, or provide each child their own space if sharing a bedroom. Single beds with storage underneath are great space savers and bunks with an integrated desk or chest of drawers streamline the layout of the room and reduce clutter.

Your child’s bedroom is their special place, be sure to factor in their likes and dislikes when making changes – or better yet involve them in the process.

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