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Design and Style /22.02.18

How To Pair Your Personal Style With The Hamptons Trend

Since wealthy New Yorker, Dr. Theodore Gallard Thomas built the first mansion on Southampton’s Gin Lane in the late 19th Century, the elite have been spending their summers at the famous coastal enclave. But, the Hamptons is so much more than a holiday destination: it’s a style institution. The distinct look is coastal and nautical, but is more subdued and sophisticated than what we'd normally consider 'beachy decor'. Think: white timber, awning stripes, neutral base colours with blue accents and plenty of natural light. 

Because it is so distinct in its most literal form, the Hamptons look can seem conflicting with other styles and not easy to do without overhauling your entire house. But, with a bit of creativity, it can actually fit in well with your current personal style. So, as a nod to the reveal of our own, we show you how to incorporate the look with your unique style, and create a hybrid look that will last for years to come.

Your Style: Feminine

Blush, gold and yes, even animal print, can still work surprisingly well with the Hamptons look. You want your personal touches to shine through by way of decorative additions like throw rugs, cushions, floral arrangements and light installations. As shown in the bedroom of interior designer, Randi Garrett, keeping the base light and neutral (including a Hamptons' classic feature: painted white timber) the essence of the Hamptons is alive, without sacrificing her personal taste for a feminine finish.


Hamptons bedroom decor with feminine styling including leopard print pillow

Your Style: Provincial Classic

France might be 5,807km from the famous summer destination, but the styles that define each of them can merge seamlessly. An eye for classic interiors is arguably the greatest pairing - the Hamptons, after all, is known for being refined. For you, it’s all about the colour pallette (as opposed to too much concentration on pattern). Stick with the provincial furnishings and decorative additions you love, but opt for shades of baby blues, grey-blues and sea blue - like designer Tamara Anka has in her lounge room - to create a subtle beachside feel.


Hamptons interior living area

Your Style: Modern Maximalism

It can be tricky merging one trend with another (maximalism is, literally, a big deal this year), but it can be done. Pull back on patterns and focus on minimal pieces with maximum impact, as shown by Hamptons Luxury Agents below. To weave your style into the Hamptons, look to the accents of the room - a coffee table, light fixtures and art work, to bring in the coastal feel without it overwhelming the space, and keep your base colour palette neutral.   


Hamptons Interior living room with bright colours

Your Style: City Chic

Although Hamptons and City Chic appear a contradiction in terms, the styles actually have similar intentions: clean and classic. Hamptons styling is as much about the white space as it is about its coastal roots, and the latter is not essential. As demonstrated by E Interiors, the clean white walls and ceiling, copper lighting and soft colour palette choices for the furnishings offset the dramatic black feature panels, achieving a Hamptons look in an ultra-modern way.


Hamptons Interior open plan with modern styling

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