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Clarendon's complete house and land packages will give you the new home of your dreams without all the stress and time that can go into a custom build.

Have a look through our house and land packages available in Sydney and New South Wales. Love one of our house and land package locations, but prefer a different façade or house design? No problem! We’ll work with you to find the right design for your selected block and ensure the whole package works with your building budget.

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What is a house and land package?

Not exactly sure what a house and land package is? The term "house and land package" refers to the combination of a new home and the land it’s built on. It takes all the guesswork out of building a new home, giving you the land, approved plans, and the building contract all for one price.

Clarendon’s house and land packages are already pre-packaged, saving you the time and trouble of getting building approvals from the local authorities. No need to spend countless hours getting quotes from builders, paying for expensive designs, organising soil tests, engineering, certification, and all the other details that come along with a custom build. All it takes it choosing a location and a building plan you like and your new home will be well on its way.

The benefits of house & land packages in Sydney and NSW

It's getting harder to find a good block of land these days in a decent area. When you finally find one, any restrictions on the land may mean that certain requirements must be met to proceed with any plans you have. This can set back your build and force you to settle for a new home you’re not completely happy with.

Choosing a house and land package from Clarendon will save you this type of headache. You will be able to buy brand new, and never need to worry about restrictions, requirements and the whole home-building process. 

You might also find some handy savings to be had. Home and land packages can provide savings on stamp duty, building costs, supplies and more. These savings can result in a cheaper price overall when compared to a custom build.

One of the most valuable benefits that come with choosing a home and land package in NSW is the certainty and fixed price. The plans are all made, the project is completely certified and quoted. You know exactly what you’re getting, with no hidden costs cropping up along the way.


When it comes to home and land packages in Sydney and NSW, finance works a little differently compared to buying an existing house. While you can get a regular mortgage for an existing home, this doesn’t apply to home and land packages as the house doesn’t exist yet, offering no collateral. 

To get finance in this situation, you will usually need to take out two loans. One will be a mortgage on the land itself, the other a construction loan, with these loans often being bundled together in some way. This simply means that you will be approved for the amount of your lender’s ‘on-completion valuation’, with your lender likely checking in throughout the build to make sure everything is on track.

Why choose Clarendon Homes?

We have beautiful homes in great locations across multiple estates. Clarendon Homes has their finger on the pulse of some of the most sought after locations across Sydney and Regional NSW. Our most recent land additions include the estates of Fairwood Rise in Sydney’s Rouse Hill, and Anambah Rise in the Maitland Council area.  

Our house and land packages have been created hand in hand with our partner Land Developers to ensure you get prices that are as attractive as our homes and their locations. We put time and effort into finding land and designing our homes, using our decades of experience to create beautiful house and land packages that will give you the new home you’ve always wanted.

Your guide to buying a house & land package in Sydney

Ready to get started? If you’re considering buying a house and land package in Sydney, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start the process.


We all know that real estate is all about location, so it’s essential to carefully choose where you want your house and land package to be. Consider not only the existing suburb itself but also the upcoming infrastructure of the area. 

Many house and land packages are available in up and coming suburbs, with plenty of exciting new developments on the way. Research the areas you’re considering, including what is currently there, public transport, and future development as these factors can all play a part in the future value of your home.


You can still apply for government grants when buying a house and land package. In some instances, home and land packages make it even easier to be approved for a grant. Make sure you find out if you qualify so that you don’t miss out on extra savings.

Clarendon House & Land Packages

All that’s left to do is browse through our house and land packages and choose the right home for you. You can easily filter by region, price range and size, allowing you to find a package that is best suited to your needs. Don’t forget to check the floor plan and download the PDF for further information.

Our house and land packages also come with different levels of inclusions, which reflect on the price of the house. You can check our inclusion levels for a better idea of what’s most suited to your tastes, budget, and lifestyle.

When you have an idea of what you’re after, please contact us for more information.

Visiting us on site will also help you get accustomed to the area that the land sits in, helping you to decide whether you would like to make the estate your home for the future years.

Ready to find your dream home? Contact us now.

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