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House and Land Packages: Ready-made or Create your own

House and Land Packages: Ready-made or Create your own

The Benefits of a House and Land Package

Building your dream home is one of the most exciting, rewarding things you’ll do in your life – but when you’re also buying the land to put it on, there’s a lot to think about. For starters, it can be difficult to find a good block of land these days.  And if you're daring to DIY build, you’ll need to consider everything from finance, building approvals and quotes to soil tests, engineering and certification – and you’re going to have to expect the unexpected. That’s where a house and land package can save the day.

Clarendon Homes takes the guesswork out of the process, with decades of building expertise but also the know-how to secure lots of different sizes in some of the most sought-after locations across Sydney and regional NSW.

Clarendon Homes offers two options for House & Land Packages

  • Ready-made
  • Create your own

In both cases, when you choose to buy a house and land package with Clarendon, we put in all the work for you upfront.

Ready-made house & land packages

With a range of ready-made house and land packages to choose from in locations across NSW, all you need to do is find a suburb and home design you love, and your build will be on its way.  

For inspiration, head to our online selection of house & land packages; you can filter by location, price range and size, depending on your needs and budget. 

Dream home on a smaller lot, or country oasis on acreage? We have lots ranging from 280 sq m to more than 9000 sq m, with home designs perfectly matched to site requirements.  Even better, the price for the total package is quoted up-front.

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Create your own house & land package

Love one of our blocks and/or locations, but prefer a different façade or house design? With more than 100 home designs across our Aspire and Sapphire ranges, we’ll work with you to find the right design for your selected block and ensure the whole package works with your building budget.

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What's Included in our House and Land Packages?

Let’s take a ready-made house and land package in Oran Park, Western Sydney. For $1,439,872 you get the 524m2 lot, complete with all the approvals, certification and other work required to build on it. Included in the price is the beautiful Boston 36, a four-bedroom, 336.2 sq m Clarendon home that comes with solar power, which makes it energy-efficient. Inclusions range from a Grand Alfresco entertaining zone to Smeg appliances and fully ducted air-conditioning. 

Also included, of course, is the whole home-building process. The plans are all made, the design is good to go, and the project is completely certified and quoted. You get to focus on the “fun bits”, like choosing the fixtures and fittings that will make your new house a home.

Likewise, when you create your own package your final price will include everything described above – but we work with you to find the land and house design as the starting point.

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Finance and Savings

Financing a house and land package is different to buying an existing home. You can’t take out a mortgage on a house and land package – the house doesn’t exist yet, so there is no collateral. Instead, many customers will take out two loans: a mortgage on the land and a construction loan. Over the course of the project, your lender will check in from time to time to ensure everything is on track. 

You can still apply for government grants or stamp duty exemptions with a house and land package. In many cases, these packages make it easier to be approved so we encourage potential buyers to take advantage of these extra savings if they qualify for them.

The bottom line? Clarendon’s house and land packages have been created hand in hand with our partner land developers to ensure prices as attractive as our homes and their settings. Our packages are often more cost effective than a traditional build, saving you money on stamp duty, building costs, supplies and more.

All that’s left to do is browse our house and land packages and choose the right home for you. Our packages come with different levels of inclusions, which are reflected in the price of the house. It's all about tailoring your package to your budget, taste and lifestyle – from land purchase to the day you move in.