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BASIX: Building Your 7-Star Home

Leading home builder, Clarendon Homes must comply with the new building standards of the BCA. Meaning BASIX efficiency requirements are also increased to 7 stars!

What are the BASIX changes?

Under the new rules, which come into effect on October 1, 2023, the minimum standard of compliance with the Building Code of Australia’s energy efficiency requirements is being increased from 5-stars to 7-stars. As a leading home builder in NSW, Clarendon Homes must comply with the new standards. We will ensure all the homes we build receive a 7-star BASIX certificate by applying a range of measures to our design and build, including installing appropriate insulation and glazing, and making the most of natural lighting and ventilation. The changes apply to all contracts signed after October 1st 2023. 

So how does BASIX work?

The BASIX tool checks elements of a proposed design against sustainability targets.

Energy – consumption by fixed appliances such as cooktops, hot water systems, air conditioners, ceiling fans and lighting.

Thermal comfort loads – the energy required to either heat or cool a house to keep it at a comfortable temperature. BASIX puts a cap on these loads, taking into account the local climate, the size and orientation of the building, building form, insulation, glazing and ventilation etc.

Water – water usage of fixtures and fittings such as taps, shower heads and toilets and gives a score for water-saving measures such as rainwater tanks. A BASIX Certificate is the formal evidence that the project achieves compliance with the required targets for energy, water and thermal comfort

How will the BASIX changes affect my home build?

The scheme covers the way a home is designed, as well as the building materials and the fixtures and fittings that are used. To comply with the 7-star rating and reduce energy consumption, your Clarendon Homes build will include a number of necessary features*, such as:

What are the benefits of BASIX for a home owner?

Essentially, BASIX reduces water and energy consumption in homes across NSW. That’s a win for homeowners, with expected long-term financial savings. But it’s also a valuable contribution to the sustainable future of our communities. As a result of the new standards, you can expect to see: 

Savings on energy bills – The NSW Government estimates that complying with the BASIX 7-star Home standard means households will save as much as $980 a year on energy bills.

Even more comfortable homes – your home will be naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter, meaning less reliance on air-conditioning.

Reduced carbon emissions – the initiatives help our state reach the goal of net zero emissions from homes by 2050.

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How will the BASIX changes affect cost and project times?

You can anticipate additional costs due to the building components required to meet the new standards. This includes, but is not limited to, the items listed in the table above. Costs will vary based on home design, climate zone and other factors such as neighbour shading and proximity to other buildings. These details can be discussed with a Clarendon Homes Sales Consultant.

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Where can I get more information about BASIX?

For more details go to the NSW Government Planning Portal website.

Get all the advice you need to know wherever you’re at in your home building journey from our helpful Sales Consultant at our Display Homes across NSW. You can also ask to speak to a Sales Consultant by calling 13 63 93 or by completing the form below.

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that the summary of necessary features in the table above is an estimate of the products our homes may need to meet the revised BASIX criteria. These inclusions are subject to change without notice and will be determined once the BASIX assessment has been completed on the home. Modifications may also be required and are not covered within this guide.. Clarendon Homes (NSW) Pty Ltd BL2298C ABN 18 003 892 706. E&OE. 3/23