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Find Your Style: Hamptons, Coastal, Modern Provincial or Contemporary

So you’ve found the perfect block of land and you’re getting ready to build your forever home. But are you stumped when it comes to deciding how the mix of building materials, fixtures, fittings and colour schemes will eventually look? 

“Don’t stress,” says Clarendon Homes Product and Innovation Manager Carolyn Piggott. “Not everyone knows exactly what their style is, and as long as you know what you do and don’t like we can help you find it!”

The best place to start? A lesson in Clarendon Homes’ most popular styles - Hamptons, Coastal, Modern Provincial and Contemporary. 

Here, Carolyn discusses the hallmarks of each to help you find “the one”.

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Hamptons House Style

Boasting casual luxury and sophisticated design, the Hamptons style is inspired by the affluent beach houses on the east coast of Long Island in New York State. Picture white-on-white weatherboard homes decorated with classic white furnishings and refined accents of charcoal, black and ink blue.

Inside, it’s all about spacious, open-plan living. Large windows with plantation shutters keep everything light, bright and breezy, and timber floorboards in warm tones bring the oceanside feel.

Opulence, Carolyn says, is a Hamptons must-have and you’ll find it in the details. “These homes are renowned for their wainscot wall paneling with chair rails that set the tone for a beautiful, polished home,” she says.

“The lighting is decorative, with pendants over kitchen benches, wall sconces and lamps all working together to build up layers of atmosphere.

“Shaker-style kitchen cabinets with overhead glass doors are iconic of the style and in the bathroom you’d expect a luxurious, freestanding bath with chrome tapware.”

To see a Clarendon Hamptons home visit The Boston 36 at Parklea, or Waterford County.

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Find your style: Hamptons House Style video

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Contemporary Home Design

A Contemporary home - built to fit today’s lifestyle - showcases the strong, clean lines and sophisticated simplicity of 21st century architecture paired with interior design that is all about maximising space.

“You would look up to soaring double-height ceilings and beyond to vast alfresco zones through large, black-framed windows,” Carolyn says of the style. “It’s a very modern design with strong, sleek, uncluttered lines and a simple colour palette to let the structural design become the feature.”

Custom joinery in living areas and kitchens is also common in a contemporary home, hiding away clutter to let rooms breathe. The styling is restrained, with a monochromatic colour palette drawing focus to timeless, statement furnishings.

“If you can picture yourself sitting in your luxury, low-set sofa in soft tan leather, surrounded by gallery-inspired artworks, then this is the style for you,” Carolyn says.

Two Contemporary favourites are on display at Forestville and Parklea.

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Find your style: Contemporary Home style video

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Coastal Home Design

Relaxed and tranquil, coastal homes take their style cues from the sun, sand and surf. “Australia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, so it makes sense that we love a Coastal-style home,” says Carolyn.

“When it comes to interior design, Coastal homes keep it natural and there’s always a strong fusion of indoor and outdoor living to reflect easy, beachside living. These homes make you feel like you’re living in a resort all year-round.”

Warm white walls, pale large-format tiles and blonde timber cabinetry bring cool coastal ambience. They also look modern and fresh against natural materials like rattan, sisal and tumbled stone.

Think nautical for styling - ornate corals on coffee tables, tall palms in wicker baskets and oars hung decoratively from walls. “For colour, it’s splashes of sea green, aqua and turquoise in seascape artworks,” Carolyn suggests.

Our newest Coastal homes are on display at Forestville and Parklea.

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Find your style: Coastal Home Style video

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Modern Provincial Home Design

If you want your dream home to ooze luxury, Modern Provincial could be the style for you. “These opulent homes are all about sophisticated, old-world beauty set against clean lines and contemporary architecture,” says Carolyn.

A Modern Provincial home celebrates bold design. Expect a grand entry foyer with high ceilings and an impressive, solid carved staircase. In fact, Carolyn says everything about a modern provincial home is big, bold and grand - from the wide open spaces and stone fireplaces, to lavishly appointed kitchens and sculptural feature lights.

“The real sense of luxury, though, comes from the layering of opulent textures - panelling on walls, chevron parquetry on the floors and brushed bronze fittings throughout,” says Carolyn.

Warmth and elegance comes from a moody colour palette of tan, charcoal and monochromatic black and white. Elegant furnishings in linen, leather, wool and silk provide the finishing touches.

To see our take on Modern Provincial, visit the Boston at West Pymble.

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TIPS AND IDEAS FOR YOUR modern provincial HOME

Find your style: Modern Provincial Home Style video

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