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Design and Style /10.10.22

Expert tips for planning your dream home interiors

Expert tips for planning your dream home interiors

A dream home is one in which you love spending time. It’s the haven you retreat to when the day’s jobs are done and the setting for the milestones, celebrations and magically mundane moments of life. It’s a place all of your own that perfectly suits the way you and your family live.

Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? With thoughtfully considered interiors, your house can be all this and more. Clarendon Homes Head of Design Ryan Barnet says approaching your interior design with functionality front of mind is key. That means prioritising features that aren't easy to modify later. Think of it like this: Repainting a wall is far simpler than moving one.

With this in mind, here’s Ryan’s handy checklist for nailing the perfect interior design for your home.

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The floorplan

Open and airy or cosy and private, the floorplan sets the tone for the home and determines how you will live in it. “The most successful floorplans also look to the future,” Ryan says. “If you plan on growing your family, add extra bedrooms. If you’d like to host celebrations and family get-togethers, consider an open plan with indoor-outdoor living.”

Stuck on where to start? Ryan suggests the kitchen as it’s often the centre of activity. Then move on to your master bedroom - you’ll spend plenty of time there too.


Walls aside, this is the main surface of your home and represents a big chunk of your design budget. Make sure it’s money well spent and pick durable materials in areas with high foot traffic. With such a large canvas, this is also a good place to start stamping your style.

“If you're looking for a warm, fresh, beachy home, go for timber floors,” Ryan says. “If it’s a cleaner, more slick, contemporary look you’re after, consider large format tiles. It’s always best to check out your options at a Clarendon Display Home so you can get a close-up look at the styles you love.”

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Don’t sacrifice function for flair. Clever cabinetry in the kitchen is perfect for hiding messy appliances. Linen closets with ample shelving are a must-have in busy households and cabinetry in wet areas helps store all the necessities for living.

For consistency and cohesion, Ryan suggests picking a treatment, and sticking with it. “If you go with Shaker door panels for a Hamptons kitchen, carry that same detail into your wet areas or into wardrobes or other living areas,” he says. “And don’t forget the details - like handles and even hinges - for a polished finish.”


Building a double-storey home? A staircase can make a bold style statement, just don’t leave it to the last minute. “That’s definitely something you need to consider at the very early stages,” says Ryan. “And done well, a show-stopping staircase can boost your home’s resale value.”

Consider a mix of complementary materials for the treads, risers and balustrade and seek advice on the best placement and style for the design. “There may be building restrictions that come into play,” says Ryan.

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Set the mood with a flick of a switch! Soft, warm lighting creates cosy, relaxing rooms - think bedrooms and living rooms. Cool white is best for visibility and is the go-to for bathrooms and over kitchen benches - the places where you “get things done”, says Ryan. Decorative pendant lights make a style statement and the right window furnishings - coastal shutters or sheer shades - can help you make the most of natural light.

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