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Your Guide to Mastering New Home Décor

04.12.19 - Style and Design

All new homes look great in the catalogues. But how do you get that look once you move in?

With this guide to new home décor. That’s how.

Don’t Bring the Kitchen Sink from the Old Place

The general process most people go through is they pack all their stuff, move it into their new home, and unpack it. And, sure enough, their new home ends up looking just like their old one. Shocker.

If you’re looking to nail your new home interior design, don’t be afraid to leave some things behind. Or at least dump them on the way.

Copy Stuff

If your house design came with interior photos that made the place look amazing, take note of the furniture that was used. Then find something similar. It’ll look amazing.

Buy Light

It might seem a little weird at the time of purchase, but trust us – you want furniture and décor that doesn’t weigh much. That’s because your needs and style will change over time, and you’ll probably want to move some things around. If you buy a cabinet that takes 6 people, 2 trolleys and Terry Crews to move, chances are you won’t end up moving it. And then you’re stuck looking at a cabinet you don’t like, wishing Terry Crews would return your calls.

Go Big in Little Rooms, Minimal in Big Rooms

Small rooms with a lot of detail are inviting. Big rooms with just enough are cosy. The only thing worse than a cluttered open space is a dark, emotionless little hideaway.

An easy way to tell how nuts to go with décor is to score each room. Start by giving the room a perfect 10. Then, consider how many people would comfortably fit in that room, and take that number away.

Say only 2 people could fit in a little room, that gives you a score of 8/10. That’s a pretty high score, so you should be pretty loose with your design and décor. Whereas if you’re dealing with a room that would fit 6-7 with ease, you should probably be a bit more conservative.

Practicality Defeats Prettiness

Having your home look great is one thing, but it does need to be liveable. So finding furniture and décor that fits your theme is important, but more so is that it’s comfortable and something you’ll use regularly. If your prettiest couch feels like a bag of rice to sit on, or your nice rug can’t be vacuumed without shredding it, it’s not worth it. There’s bound to be another item that’s better suited to your lifestyle and fits your theme.

Start with the Right Home

You probably know the saying about what you can’t polish. And with some houses, that’s true. So if you’re looking to spice up your living, start with the nicest home possible. And to do that, take a look through the house designs available in Queensland.

To see your favourite house designs in person, check out your local Clarendon display homes.

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