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Trending House Designs in 2019

04.12.19 - Style and Design

What was the best house design of 2019? It does vary a little on personal tastes, but from our experience and research here at Clarendon Homes, we’ve worked out the trending house designs of the year. And in the process, we’re going to give our predictions for what house designs are set to boom in 2020.


What was the house design 2019 loved?

If it starts with Boston and looks Hamptons, it absolutely boomed in the back half of 2019. Queensland home buyers absolutely love the Hamptons look at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. It’s crisp and modern but undoubtedly mature and stylish. It uses trendy yet timeless colours and plenty of gorgeous detail.

And from the street, it stands out like the Taj Mahal.


What interior features were most popular?

Buyers are loving the idea of a downstairs theatre room combined with an upstairs rumpus area. The dual living areas mean that as the kids settle in with a movie, you can be enjoying a good book and cup of tea upstairs. Or if you convert the rumpus area into a kids’ play space, you can be the ones to make the most of the theatre room.

Otherwise, there’s a lot of emphasis being put on the alfresco space of the home. Families are entertaining outside more than ever, so the outdoor area is high on most buyers’ lists.


What’s bound to boom in 2020?

It’s never easy to tell, but given the rate Hamptons façades increased in the back half of 2019, that’s likely to be the trend well into 2020.

And to combine all the best internal features with a trending façade, you really can’t go past the Boston range. From the 35 to the 43, each offers you the extra living areas, large alfresco area and stunning features. So no matter the size of your family and your individual needs, you’ll find a Hamptons-style Boston home to suit.

Check out the Boston 43 (with the Hamptons Façade) in person at our Capestone Display Village.

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