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Your tax return can help you buy your perfect home

06.07.18 - Housing and Property Market

It’s that time of year again: the start of a new financial year, and the receiving of tax returns. Whether you’re expecting a few hundred or a few thousand, your tax sum could be the difference in owning the home that is truly perfect for you. Here are some of the ways Clarendon can assist with you getting the most out of your return.

Luxury inclusions sale:

We’ve created luxury your way, and at a price point that you’ll love just as much. Until July 29 we are offering customers some serious savings on the Sapphire inclusions home. This means a choice between ducted air conditioning with carpet and tiling or timber look flooring; or ducted air conditioning with 17 luxury upgrades, all for just $3,990. With Brisbane’s  beautiful brisk winters and balmy summers, the added ability to adjust your home’s temperature will be decision you’ll never regret.

Be inspired by our display home decor:

We curate our display homes to suit varying tastes, budgets and lifestyles, and try to cater to as many people as possible. Walking through a display home can be a wonderful trip down aspiration lane, with you taking mental notes about aesthetics that appeal to you. With your return, it’s a great opportunity to fully exercise your decorating muscles and fill your new home with the pieces you’ve fallen in love with. If you know you need a new couch for your living space, and have totally fallen in love with the quality L shape you’ve seen in one of our homes, it’s a good move to spend a bit more on this kind of furniture item – one that you’ll keep, and love, for a long time. We are more than happy to assist you with where our furniture is sourced from; you having a home you’ll love, including furnishings, is our priority.

Add some size:

Your tax return could be an opportunity to add that bit of extra space you need in your new home. If you’re interested in upgrading, talk to one of our consultants about your options. It could also help with the small added cost of flipping a design, raising the ceiling or upgrading your inclusions, that will make a big difference to the overall feel of your home once it is done.

Look to landscaping:

The outside of your home is as important as the inside, and having a beautiful new home should be paired with a garden to be proud of. Putting your extra tax money to landscaping will not be a regrettable option - it is, afterall, the first impression of your home, and the first thing you’ll see as you return home each evening. You want it to be something you’re as proud of as your home.   

Hurry! Our Luxury Inclusions Sale ends soon!

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