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Is it better to buy a house and land, or buy land and build a house?

14.03.19 - Housing and Property Market

It’s a question almost all of our customers have when they first speak to our Sales Consultants: Do I go with a House and Land package, or buy land and build? And, truthfully, it’s not a one-size-fits-all answer. Rather, it’s important to consider your specific circumstance, budget, lifestyle, wants and needs before it can be decided. Of course, our sales consultants are there to walk you through all of your options in great detail. But, to help start the decision making process along, we’ve pulled together the best considerations for each option for you to find which matches best with your life and family.

A house and land package could be for you if:

An easy purchasing process is a major priority

There are big benefits to not having to seek out a lot of land (and go through the subsequent council regulation approvals), and it is an important consideration for our house and land buyers. For house and land, the peak decision making happens while choosing an estate that is most suitable to you and your family, and the home design you love. The rest is taken care of.

You want to live in an area purpose-built for family living

House and land package estates are not only deliberately positioned in burgeoning areas close to new infrastructure, schools and transport, they are also created with families in mind. This means: playgrounds, walkways, shopping centres and tranquil backdrops (nestled close to nature reserves, lakes and rolling hills, depending on the estate). They are purpose-built for families to grow and thrive.

You are a first home buyer

Of course, house and land packages are available to all prospective home buyers. But, a package is a really cost-effective and easy introduction to owning property. The cost-effectiveness can even be a benefit to your stamp duty tota and the First-Home Buyer Grant requirements. Speak to your financial advisor or your lender about these benefits for greater clarification.

You want to move in now

We not only offer house and land package designs that are ready to build, we also have a Ready Built option. These are homes that are already built on a block of land in a burgeoning suburb, completely turn-key ready. Although there are generally fewer options in this home buying category, it is worth speaking to a Sales Manager about current availabilities if the quicker time frame really appeals to you.

A separate land purchase with house design build could be for you if:

You already own land

If you already own land through purchase or inheritance, you’ve been through the toughest part. It’s not necessarily a given that you would opt out of a house and land package just because you own land (some like to weigh up options of holding onto land, utilising it for other purposes, or selling it off), it could be your best option. If you are already the owner of land, it’s wise (and financially beneficial) to first prioritise considering how this land can be used for the house design you want, and then work from there.

You have your heart set on a lot of land or area

Our estates are wonderful places to live, but nothing can account for a customer falling in love with a lot of land of their own. If you have an area you are drawn to within the wide-net of regions we build, or lot of land that perfectly suits the lifestyle of you and your family, opting for a house design to perfectly suit it will be an exciting journey.

Knockdown rebuild is a viable option

If you love where you live (literally where you live), but are ready for an upgrade, our Replace Your Place option could be your solution. You get to keep your address, remain in the school catchment for your kids and stay in a place full of memories, and still be able to build a home that is better suited to your growing family.

Of course, it could all start with the house… You might fall in love with a design that is offered as a house and land package, or you could find yourself drawn to a design sold as a separate build option. The only way to find that out is to explore our homes at our display centres, or through our online house and land and home design pages.

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