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The best family house designs

02.07.18 - Building Your Home

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on your home design. Does it fit your block? Is the aspect compatible with your north facing property? It is, after all, the literal home base of your life. While it’s important to know what suits your taste, it’s also equally so (or, even more) to note its functionality as a family home. Whether for the family you have or one you’re planning, if a growing family is a priority in your life, it should also be a priority in your home design decisions. To make it a little easier, we have narrowed down some of our most popular family-friendly single and two storey house floor plans to help you decide which is the perfect fit for you.

Single Storey Family-Friendly House Plans

Best for keeping the kids occupied:

Apollo 28

It’s not just a clever name, the Apollo is all about utilising space to its best advantage. The narrow design creates a flow from the entry to the alfresco area, made for families. To the front of the home is the kids’ retreat with two bedrooms and a conjoined living space leading to the main bathroom and third bedroom. This area of the home is designed to allow the younger members of the family to enjoy their privacy, while still having everything they need close by; while the adults can enjoy the sanctuary of the master bedroom and open plan kitchen, dining and living with a little peace and quiet. This home is all about having the best of both worlds.

one storey family house plans Clarendon QLD

Single storey family friendly home Clarendon Homes QLD

Best for harmony in the  home:

Marko 23

One of the key elements to a harmonious family home is finding the balance between time together and ‘me time’. The Marko 23 is a home design that amplifies both spaces – it separates formal living at the front from a bedroom/study quarter accessed by short hallways. These necessary quiet spaces mean even the most bustling and busy households still have nooks of quiet to retreat to when needed. Whether you’ve got little ones (and parents to take turns resting), school age or late teenagers (for homework and reading), these areas can be utilised at any stage of your family’s life.

one storey family house plans Clarendon QLD

one storey family house plans Clarendon QLD

Two Storey Family-Friendly House Plans

Best for at-home work and study:

Paddington 29

The star of this spacious home design, for the kids, is the upstairs areas. While downstairs boasts a sizeable open plan kitchen, dining and living, sprawling out onto the alfresco area (perfect for entertaining), the upstairs is a haven for kids to enjoy the privacy of their bedrooms and the enjoyment of the shared rumpus. It also includes a full-sized bathroom and separate toilet. Two of the three extra bedrooms and the master have walk-in wardrobes, and the master includes and ensuite. At the front of the home, the entry door opens onto a large study – great for families with a home business or those who often work from home.

two storey family house plans Clarendon QLD

two storey family house plans Clarendon QLD

Best for families with young children:

Parkhill 29

This uniquely designed two storey home works for families of all sizes and ages, but truly shines for those with little ones. Cleverly, the stairs are tucked behind the kitchen and easy to monitor, while still letting the younger kids play and roam freely. The home also includes a large open plan living area at the rear, mixing the indoor with the outdoor for the whole family to enjoy, relax and congregate. Upstairs, the rumpus area is a communal space to reconnect, while the bedroom configurations mean everyone can still maintain their privacy and quiet time. There is also a full-size bathroom, separate toilet and ensuite off the master bedroom.

two storey family house plans Clarendon QLD

two storey family house plans Clarendon QLD

Best for the ‘let’s have it at our house’ family:

Madison 39

This home is designed to greet you as you arrive! Perfect for those who have large extended family who visit often, or those who simply love to entertain. The highlight of this design is the unique but functional proportions; the ground floor is all about the communal experience – from the open plan kitchen, dining and living area to the theatre room and formal dining, it’s designed for people to come together. It is easy to imagine this being the go-to for big family events and ensuring everyone is catered for.

two storey family house plans Clarendon QLD

two storey family house plans Clarendon QLD

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