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The Benefits of Single Storey & Two Storey Homes

06.11.19 - Building Your Home

Every house has its appeal – from a crazy dictator’s palace to an old tin shed. But chances are, they aren’t the two types of houses at the top of your list.

Most people have the choice between a single-storey house and a two-storey house. So to steer you towards your best option, we’ll run through what makes each option great.


Double Storey House

Pros of a Double Storey House Design

  • Higher resale value – When the time comes to sell your house, you’ll generally find a second-storey house sells for more than a single-storey house.
  • Potentially cheaper land – If you have very firm requirements of how much floorspace you need, a double-storey house will consume less land to achieve it. That means you’ll either be left with more backyard space, or a smaller block size. Either way, the numbers work out better.
  • More separation – One entertainment area for a family with four or more rarely cuts the mustard. An upstairs retreat can give the kids a space to play as you settle in for a quiet afternoon in your cinema room.


Single Storey House

Pros of a Single Storey House Plan

  • Cheaper entry points – If you need a home on a budget, the cheapest homes start as single-storey.
  • Shorter build times – Building a single-storey house is quite a bit faster, which means you’ll be in your new home sooner. This could also help cut rental costs of wherever you live prior to your new home.
  • A tad closer – Some people dream of having more space; some prefer a bit less. A single-storey house naturally comes with less chances to hide away, bringing everyone closer.
  • Easier access – If anyone in your family struggles with stairs, they'll naturally find a single-storey home easier to manage.


So what am I better off with?

Everyone will have different needs and wishes. But if you’re still undecided, there’s no better option than checking out some homes in person. You can walk through both single-storey and double-storey houses to get a feel for what would suit your family best.

Check out our Queensland display home locations to find your local.

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