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How to prepare for a display home visit

17.07.18 - Building Your Home

Walking through our display homes is undoubtedly a fun experience; one that you should enjoy, savour and, yes, plan for. Planning for your display home visit will be invaluable as you begin looking for your future home. We have carefully chosen the design, decor and inclusions of each and every home, and there's a lot of great options to choose from. Turning up prepared means you'll will be able to keep a clear head while narrowing your choices, so we’ve pulled together a checklist to help best prep you for your next visit.

Do your online research

The first step before visiting a display centre is to do some research on our website – looking at plans, facades, inclusions and house and land packages that are of interest to you. This will not only allow you to remain clear on what you like, it’ll also help you decide which display centre is best suited to you. (Tips on that further down).

Consider your land

Unless you’re buying a house and land package, chances are you have either bought your block of land, or are eyeing one off. The land your house will be sitting on is as much a guide for your final decisions as your list of requirements. If you already have land, keep the specs of your land (size, orientation etc) with you and speak to one of our consultants. Not only will it help as you walk through each display home, it’ll also be handy to help us answer any concerns and questions regarding your options (such as flipping a floor plan so the open plan living area gets the afternoon sun).   

Find the display centre that is best for you

The one closest to your current house might not be the right one for finding your future home. Each of our display centres are tailored to suit your local area; so if you’re staying local, proximity counts. But, if you’re looking to venture further, make your display home visit really count.

Our Rochedale display centre is located southeast of Mount Gravatt and is our Brisbane Central location. Our homes are designed for Brisbane city living and bigger families with more bedrooms.

The Yarrabilba display centre is located between Logan Village and Mount Tamborine in Brisbane’s southwest, and features homes designed to be more affordable and great value for younger families or first homeowners.

Capestone centre is at Mango Hills, just across from North Lakes, and our Newport display centre is in a waterfront estate on Moreton Bay featuring homes that embrace our outdoor Queensland lifestyle.

Our Coomera Retreat display centre at Upper Coomera, south of Ormeau and Pimpama is ideal for those looking for a lifestyle and home that will definitely impress.

Or, maybe you’re keen to experience our most popular home designs in Brisbane’s west at our Springfield Lakes display centre to see some of our highest sellers – the Killara and the Parkhill home designs.

Make a new house priority list

Our focus is to offer you not just a house, but a lifestyle. It’s important that the house you choose ticks all the boxes for what you want, yes, but also what you need. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does my daily routine look like and what functions must a house have to facilitate that?

  • How many rooms do we need?

  • What is our budget?

  • What is our family size now; and what is it likely to be in the future?

  • Do we have/want pets?

  • What are our top five non-negotiable needs for a house?

  • What are we willing to sacrifice if needed?

Once you’ve answered these questions, and written them down, keep them at the front of your mind as you walk through each display home. This will be important in narrowing down which houses genuinely fit your budget, lifestyle and needs.

Organise a display home ‘tool kit’

You don’t need to bring an artillery belt of tools with you, but it is a good idea to bring the following to help you take notes that will help when you deliberate after your display home visit:

  • Phone – you will probably have this on you as a matter of modern course, but you will need it for photos and notes, if you’re planning on jotting them down digitally. So maybe bring along your partner or a friend to take the images while you type.

  • Notepad and pen – if you plan on going the hand-written route.

  • Measuring tape – just a small one to help you remember dimensions.

  • Any information you have collated previously – either printouts or screen shots, bring all of your information with you, such as your favourite house or ideas you’ve seen in other Clarendon homes or display centres.

  • Water and comfortable shoes – you’ve got a lot of strolling ahead of you!

You’re now ready to find your new house… See our display home locations!

We even have display homes for sale...

How to prepare for a display home visit

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