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Checklist for Moving into a New Home

13.02.20 - Building Your Home

Everyone’s move looks a little different. But there are some common themes in house moves, and some essentials you won’t want to miss. And to make sure you don’t, you’ll need a moving-into-a-new-house checklist.


So, what’s on a checklist for moving into a new home?

Utilities and accounts (prepared ahead of time)

Imagine arriving at your new place and finding out there’s no electricity. That’s fine – you can always call someone. No wait – you’re out of mobile (and data) range. But that’s also fine, you can use wi-fi to connect to someone online. But no – you also forgot to arrange internet at your new property.

If you’re coming up to a move, make sure that the day you move in, you will have access to:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Gas (if required)
  • Internet
  • Home phone line (if required).

Address updates (prepared ahead of time)

Your driver’s licence, your utilities, your voting residency – these all need to be updated around the time you move. And given the delays with anything government-related, it’s best to get the ball rolling before you actually move.

More hands, less trips

There are two ways you can move home if you don’t want to hire removalists. You can do everything yourself with your own vehicle, meaning you’ll be packing a Mazda 2 hatchback to the absolute brim about 37 times. Or, you can rent a truck, and ask a few friends to help you move belongings around.

One of these options takes a single afternoon – the other will take you a week. One will cost you a little more upfront, while the other will probably cost you a week’s wages.

Hire a truck and ask friends to help. You don’t win any prizes for “doing it yourself”.

Take the right amount of time off work

Sometimes, you can handle the heavy lifting on weekends and use your nights to set up your home. But in most cases, you’re best to not stretch yourself too thin. Even 2-3 days off work can make the process fly by. And by powering through your move, you can ensure you go back to work full of energy (rather than constantly sapped by an ongoing move).

Move what you need and part with the rest

Before you pack anything, you need to remember something important. If you move into a new home that’s minimal and full of space, it won’t be long before belongings have started to clutter it.

If you bring all the stuff from your old home, you’re setting yourself up for a very cluttered life.

To help cover the costs of the move, why not have a garage sale? And if something doesn’t sell, use the moment it’s on display to take pictures and advertise it online.

Throw a party

Imagine going through all that effort in the move and not throwing a housewarming party. Pretty sad, isn’t it?

If there’s a sure-fire cure for the stresses of moving, it’s inviting some close friends around and truly enjoying your new home.


What if I haven’t found the perfect home yet?

Well, we appreciate how forward-thinking you are, looking into things to do before moving into a new house before finding the house itself.

But if you’re keen on making your next home truly special, there’s no better option than a house tailored to your needs. Check out our local Clarendon Homes display village, and start to picture just how amazing that housewarming party will be in your very own home.

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