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Are House & Land Packages Better Than Buying Separately?

04.12.19 - Building Your Home


But you probably came here for proof, not just a one-word answer. So, to prove our point, we’ve put together the benefits of house and land packages and the benefits of buying separately. That way, you can be the judge.


Benefits of Buying Land Separately

  • Control – You can pick any suburb, any block size, anything you like. You’re in complete control.
  • Buy now, build later – You don’t have to build from the moment you buy. If you’d like to take some time to pay off your land mortgage before adding the expenses of a house, you can.


Benefits of House and Land Packages

  • They’re generally cheaper – With all the savings on fees, house and land packages are usually less expensive. That’s probably the biggest untrue myth about home and land options – they really don’t sting the pocket.
  • Less rental payments – You won’t be paying for rent for as long while you find a house, find land, and have it all put together. Generally, the quicker a build happens, the cheaper it ends up being.
  • Someone else does the work for you – You’re probably going to have to pick out the home you want, do all the moving yourself, and work out the rest of your life around building a home. Isn’t it better if someone can take care of finding land options for you?
  • You can stay in control of your finances – You’ll know from day 1 how much your house and land will cost. There’s no wiggle room or “TBD” expenses. There’s a house, some land, a cost, and you. That’s it.

Want to find out more about the benefits of house and land packages? Chat to a friendly member of the Clarendon Homes team today, or check out your local display homes.

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