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6 Tips for Building a Pet-Friendly Home

13.02.20 - Building Your Home

The joys of owning your own home – finally you don’t have to deal with pet-picky landlords. And keeping your own place clean and tidy with pets isn’t as hard as pesky landlords would believe. Aside from the obvious (like a doggy door), there are 6 key tricks to developing a pet friendly home.


Give Them Room

If you have the room to do so, devoting an area of your house to your pets is a great way to contain their mess. A space like a laundry (with a door to the outside, plenty of light and hard floors) is the perfect spot to leave their toys, food bowl, and whatever else they need.

However, some pets aren’t as content confining themselves to a single room. If that’s the case, give them sections of the spaces they’ll spend time. If you have a cat, pop a towel down on the surfaces you’d prefer they sit. For dogs, a bed in your main living room should be enough to keep them off the couches.


Pick Pet-Preferred Materials

Some sofas and carpets love pets so much, they’ll never let go of the fur they capture. It’s sweet, but also a nightmare for cleaning.

Tough, low pile carpets tend to suit pet messes better. They don’t hold fur quite as firmly, and stains can be lifted out easily.

When it comes to sofa materials, leather (or pleather) clean up with minimal effort. Otherwise, try to find sofas with washable covers, and make a habit of cleaning them regularly.


Make Everything Washable

Washable sofa covers are just the start. If you buy a dog bed, find one with a washable cover. Does your cat have a favourite resting place? Pop a cover on it. Even for their food bowls – find something that can fit in the dishwasher.

The more of your pet’s stuff you can chuck in a machine to clean, the better.


Automate Cleaning

If your floorplan is cleverly laid out, you can set a robot vacuum to do tidy-up vacuums when you’re out. Even the best robot vacuums don’t hit every inch of your home, but they’re more than good enough to keep your home homely through the working week.

Most robot vacuums these days have mopping functions built in. On the weekend, all you’d need to do is one thorough vacuum yourself, and you can send your little robot assistant around to mop up any remaining mess. With about 15 minutes of manual input, you’ll have a perfectly vacuumed and mopped house each week.

The trick here is having an open floorplan and as little invasive furniture as possible. Robot vacuums aren’t great with curved/angled rooms and can get stuck under tricky tables or desks.


Give Your Furry Friends Enough Toys

It’s usually bored pets that go looking for trouble (like ripping into furniture, or scratching skirting boards). The best way to prevent pets from damaging your home is to keep their toy supplies fresh.

One helpful habit is to have a rotation of toys for your furry one. Rotate them about once a fortnight, cleaning the ones you take away. It’ll not only keep their toys healthier for longer, but keep them constantly entertained.

If you have a particularly restless pupper, you may want to either seek out more involved toys or rotate them more frequently.


Assign No-Go Zones

Even the most pet-friendly houses need some areas just for humans. The first area you should consider keeping private is the guest room. If someone does stay the night, the last thing they’ll want is a cat trying to scratch their way in. Cats don’t tend to respect boundaries if someone new is staying in their room.

Try and consider what spaces you’d appreciate some peace and quiet, and set them as pet-free places. Use doors or dividers if necessary, but putting those rules in place from the start is the easiest way to go.


Still looking for the perfect pet-friendly house design? Why not take a wander through your local Clarendon Homes display village? You can check out a wide range of floorplans and find the design best suited to your needs.

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