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5 Reasons a house and land package could be your home owning answer

23.08.18 - Building Your Home

House and land packages are some of our most popular offerings, and for good reason. There are plenty of benefits in purchasing your new home and the land it sits on in one fell swoop. We have hundreds of packages across major estates spanning over Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Whether you’re after a single or a double storey home, there is a house and land solution to you being a homeowner in a financially viable bundle. But, the benefits of house and land might go a little deeper than you have ever thought – it’s more than just the fact you don’t have to find and fund a lot of land separately. If you’re still considering if it’s the right option for you, we want to help make your decision, either way, a little easier; so we’ve pulled together the reasons we hear most about why packages are so popular with homebuyers.

1. Cheaper than renting

There’s a lot of media around the fact that rental yield is high. This is great news for investors, of course, but far less so for renters. Brisbane’s median rental cost is currently higher than the national average, and fourth highest in the country. In the Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey, Brisbane was found to be less affordable than some of the world’s major markets: Singapore, Canada, Ireland and the US. While the Gold Coast came in as least affordable for rent, housing prices and ratio to income. Once considered the cheaper alternative to housing, rentals are fast becoming black holes of wasted cash as more and more affordable home ownership options come to market. Our house and land packages are solving these problems; with a median cost over $50,000 less than the national house price average and competitive with rental prices.

2. Stress free new home

Purchasing a perfect lot of land in the perfect neighbourhood to build the perfect home on requires a lot of (albeit rewarding) ground work. Home and land packages offer you the result of this, while we take care of the hard part. We’ve sourced the land and assessed its suitability to sustain a house, and ensured that the exact right home design fits on each block. The selection of homes have been curated for each estate, to keep your options focused and easy to navigate. All you need to do is choose and move.

3. Warranty

As with all of our homes, house and land packages come with a lifetime structural guarantee. This means that our responsibility for your home does not end with handing over the keys (like purchasing an existing home does). We want to set you up for a long-term home that’ll sustain your needs for years to come. We offer easy lines of communication to ensure you remain as in love with your home on your 4500th day as you were the first.  

4. You still have a creative say in the process

Although we do our utmost to make the purchasing of a house and land as easy for you as possible, we still want you to be as part of the creating as you want to be. Just because a home design might be suggested by us, doesn’t mean certain tweaks and alterations can’t be made. Options to rearrange floor plans, raise ceilings or reconfigure rooms are all components of the build that you get to have a say in; this is still very much your home. Deciding on inclusion packages, enjoying our lifestyle studio and choosing your colours are all enjoyable parts of the building process that all Clarendon customers have the option to experience. The house and land packages just mean that you can also our suggested options and still live in a beautifully finished home.  

5. Burgeoning neighbourhoods

Our house and land locations are no accident. We deliberately seek out areas that are flourishing and focussed on vital infrastructure that benefits families. These locations are excellent indicators of future burgeoning house market areas because they are created to house families looking for longer-term living solutions, and neighbourhoods that will grow with their changing family dynamic. Our locations are proving their worth, with recent data identifying Spring Mountain region as one of the fastest growing areas not just in south-east Queensland, but in the whole country. Conveniently situated against our Greenbank house and land homes.

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