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5 Benefits Of Building A New Home Over Buying An Old One

06.11.19 - Building Your Home

It’s the age-old question: To build or to buy?

If you’re on the fence about whether to build a house or shop around for an established property, these 5 benefits of building might help you settle on a decision.

From dodging dodgy wiring to choosing the ideal layout for your lifestyle, find out why building a house could be the right move for you.

1. You Get What You Want

A home is likely the biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime, so why wouldn’t you want a say in what you’re getting? When you build a home, you get input into the design, finishes, fittings and other bits and pieces to suit your taste, budget and lifestyle.

Want timber flooring and marble benchtops? Done. Prefer chrome fittings over matte black? Easy. When you work with home builders and house-building companies, you can collaborate to get a place you can truly call your own.

2. There’s No Need for Renos

By the same token, building a new home means no need for renos or remodels. You get a property that already ticks all your boxes, so you don’t have to pull out your wallet or sacrifice your weekends with trips to Bunnings to get things how you’d like them.

Moving house can be a big enough job without having to worry about making changes to the property once you’re in it. Skip the renos and build a house that’s tailored to your preferences from the start.

3. You Pay Less Stamp Duty

Stamp duty can be a whopper of a cost when buying a property. But did you know that when you build, you don’t have to pay stamp duty on the house? You only have to pay it based on the value of the land. This can save you a pretty penny (or potentially thousands of dollars).

4. It Requires Less Maintenance

Some established homes are ticking timebombs of unforeseen maintenance expenses. The costs to maintain and repair old appliances, plumbing, wiring and electrical equipment can quickly creep up on you – especially if the previous owners have managed to delay maintenance for years on end.

When you start fresh with a brand-new build, you won’t be faced with pricey maintenance and upgrades for a long, long time.

5. It Can Be More Energy (and Cost) Efficient

New homes are built with improved ventilation, insulation, heating, cooling and air-filtration standards than older models. They also generally have more energy-efficient appliances than established homes – nice for Mother Nature and your back pocket.

You can usually choose your appliances when building your home too, so if you want the most energy-efficient models on the market, go for gold.

Building a home can be an exciting time, and these are just a handful of the benefits you can look forward to. Check out our display homes near you to get some inspiration for your build.

Discover more reasons to build your house with Clarendon Homes here.

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