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A new home without the construction process

A ready built home from Clarendon Homes can be the perfect solution if you want a brand new home, but you don’t want to go through the process of finding a design and a block of land to match, selecting colours, and building a home. All this is taken care of by Clarendon Homes. All you need to do is turn the key and walk right into your brand new home!

Our expert design team takes our most popular plans and matches them to good blocks in leading developer estates. Any adjustments needed to the plan to better position it on the block or to refine the aspect of the home are made during this process.

Then our interior design team selects the latest colour schemes inside and out of the home, ensuring the overall appeal is on-trend for years to come. A high level of quality inclusions is specified to be consistent with the nominated colour schemes. This consistency is very important for future resale value, and we have the experts involved to ensure the best quality outcome.

Clarendon Homes takes care of the construction of the home.  Our ready built homes are constructed to the same quality standards we have become renowned for since starting in this business 40 years ago. So if you are buying a Clarendon ready built home in Brisbane or QLD, you are buying a quality product.

Furthermore, as you are buying a brand new home, you have the added advantage of being covered by Clarendon Homes’ standard after sales service, including a post settlement maintenance period of 12 months for minor items, and a mandatory structural warranty of 6 years from the date of practical completion!

Why choose a ready built home from Clarendon Homes?

Move into a brand new home constructed by a leading builder
Bypass the construction process
Walk through the home you are buying before you buy it
One contract with a 5% deposit
Fully finished new home including landscaping
House is perfectly matched to the lot by Clarendon’s team
The latest colours selected by qualified designers
Covered against minor defects for 12 months from settlement date
Covered against structural damage for 6 years from practical completion date

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