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Knockdown rebuild /09.06.21

The knockdown rebuild process with Clarendon Homes

It can be easy to fall out of love with your old, run down house, and as your family needs change, it’s easy to outgrow the place you once called home. But if extensive renovations or trekking through the selling and buying process doesn’t appeal to you, it might be time to consider a knockdown rebuild! 

As the name suggests, a knockdown rebuild involves pulling down your existing house and then reusing the land to build a brand new home. This means you get to remain in the same neighbourhood you love and keep the address you know, all while building a brand new home that suits your family’s needs better! 

At Clarendon Homes, we make the process of a knockdown rebuild simple and enjoyable with 5 easy steps! 

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1. Free preliminary site assessment

One of our experienced consultants can conduct a free preliminary site assessment of your block of land at the outset of your project

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2. Site Inspection

Depending on the results of our preliminary assessment, our team will then conduct a physical inspection of your block of land to determine building requirements. 

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3. Obligation Free Estimate

The information gained from the site inspection will be used to provide you with an obligation free estimate for your chosen home design, facade and inclusions on your block.

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4. Initial deposit

A small initial deposit will be required to obtain all the necessary engineering and certifier reports on your land, the results of which will be used to provide you with a fully costed building agreement.

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5. Let's get started

We will continue to guide you through the process, to ensure all necessary steps are completed and approvals are in place so we can commence building your home. 

It’s as easy as that! And choosing the design of your new home is even easier with our large range of home designs that suit all types of land sizes, budgets and lifestyles. If you have a narrower lot, make sure you check out our stunning range of double storey homes that fit a 10m+ lot width. These beautiful designs range from as little as $252,000 for a 22sqm home to a spacious 35 sqm home priced at $320,500. 

You can view two of these homes in person, the modern Lilyfield 34 MKII is on display at Rochedale Arise, and the sophisticated Hawthorne 33 is on display at our Capestone centre in Mango Hill. For more information about how you can build the home of your dreams without moving, view our website or visit your nearest display centre and chat to one of our friendly sales consultants.