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Knockdown rebuild /20.12.21

Planning a knockdown rebuild in Brisbane in 2022?

Have you got your eyes on a gorgeous block of land with an established house that just isn’t right for your lifestyle? Is the location perfect but not the dwelling? Luckily Clarendons been dealing with knockdown rebuilds for over 40 years so we know what to look out for when getting the block ready. Be sure to check out the knockdown rebuild tab on our website for more information.

Check with council

The first thing you’re going to want to do before you plan to knock down a home in an existing neighbourhood is check with the council and ensure they’re okay for you to knock down the home. Your home might be in a heritage neighbourhood or have restrictions on sound and This could also provide you with important documents such as soil tests, slope on your land as well as any zoning requirements from council.

After the council has given you the green light, it’s time to shop around for a demolisher. Most project home companies will only be able to assist you with the building portion, meaning that you’ll have to look externally for a demolition company. Both builders and council members should have recommendations but it’s always a good idea to read reviews and compare pricing before you choose.

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Choosing your builder

Selecting the right builder is not only important for the right home design, but also the understanding of how knockdown rebuilds work. They’re quite different to a new block of land due to the rules and regulations put in place by council, development requirements and existing neighbours and utilities. An important thing to note when choosing is how experienced your builder is with knockdown rebuilds already and how many they’ve done. 

If your builder is more focused on greenfield or new block of land builds, they might not know the correct permits to apply for without heavy research. Thankfully, Clarendon Homes has been rebuilding homes for over 44 years so we understand the process as well as the council regulations quite well.

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Your home design

When choosing your home design for a knockdown rebuild, it’s crucial to understand where your home is going to sit on your block. The front of your home must sit at the average point of where your neighbours are, that way it looks natural and as if it’s lined up with your neighbours homes. This means you can’t have your home far forward or far back to utilise a front or back yard without first assessing where the property lines are.

Your estate may have design restrictions on the facade of your home or which way your living spaces can face, but the council will be able to provide you and your builder with these requirements. They’ll also be available on estate websites. After that, you’re free to choose whichever home design fits your family best. Please be aware that additional site costs might be incurred if your homes existing utility lines need updating or replacement. Our friendly consultants are experts in managing both knockdown rebuild sites as well as finding a home design that suits your family best. Check out our top home designs for 2021 here.

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If you have any additional questions or want to chat to a consultant about planning your knockdown rebuild, visit your nearest display home or leave an enquiry.