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Building your home /06.11.19

Should you use Clarendon Homes or custom home builders?

Let’s be frank. Custom builders will tell you the pros of one side, home designers like Clarendon will usually tell you the pros of the other.

But whoever Frank is, he doesn’t have time for biased assessments like that.

What we’re going to do is run you through the genuine benefits of custom home builders and luxury home builders like Clarendon.

Clarendon Homes: The Pros

  • Plenty of choice – You could grab 2 decks of cards, put one of our Queensland homes on each card, and you’d still run out of cards before you ran out of homes.
  • Easy for non-designers – No need to be a stylish Steve or an architectural Anne – all of our themed homes can make you look like a pro.
  • Easy on the wallet – When have you ever seen a two-storey, 5-bedroom Hamptons home for under $300,000? The detail and quality you get for your money is far, far better than you’d expect.
  • Financial peace of mind – You know pretty accurately up front how much you’ll end up paying for your home. And that lack of ambiguity is huge in the long (and sometimes stressful) process of building a home.
  • Quality of build – If you want proof of how these homes are built, you can actually check one out. Wander through your local display homes and see for yourself what build quality you can expect from Clarendon Homes.
  • Far less work to do – You can find land yourself or leave everything up to us. It’s possible to pick out the home you want and the area you’d like to build it, and we’ll take it from there.

Benefits of Custom Home Builders

  • Control – If you know your stuff and approach a cooperative builder, you can usually take a lot of control over how your property shapes up. This is a great option if you’ve got plenty of experience in building and/or real estate and know what might add value to the home.
  • Potential to be incredibly cheap – If all you need is the cheapest appliances and finishes and you work with an easy design from a builder, you can own a house for literally as little as possible.
  • Some control over tradespeople – Your plumber or sparky mate can be contracted to do the work on your home if you wish (provided the builder is happy for you to bring in your own contractors).
  • Personal referrals – If someone referred you to your home builder, it generally means that person was happy with their work.

So what’s best for me?

If you want the cheapest house possible, a custom home builder would be the way to go. If you want a stunning home but don’t really have the design skills to build it yourself, Clarendon Homes is your best bet.

To put it Frank’s way, no one option suits everyone. But if you work out which benefits suit your needs best, you’ll be a long way to working out which option is right for you.

If you’re still a bit on the fence, one option is to see the build quality Clarendon Homes offers in person. Check out your local display homes and get a feel for what your own home might be like.