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Building your home /02.02.22

What are the benefits of hebel?

If you’re in the process of building a home, you may already be familiar with the term Hebel but not about the benefits it can provide. Hebel is a strong, versatile, high performance building product made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, and is an alternative to bricks and render. Hebel panels also contain anti-corrosion steel reinforcement for added strength.

On average, Hebel is a cheaper alternative to bricks if you want a rendered finish to your home, which is why more Queenslanders are opting to use Hebel in their new builds. Read on to find out what the six benefits of Hebel are.

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Hebel also means you don’t need to rely on your heating and cooling over the gruelling months, as it performs well thermally, helping to keep your brand new home cool in summer and warm and cosy in winter. Meaning you could save plenty of dollars on energy costs. 


Building with Hebel means that your home will be built faster, without sacrificing on quality. This is because, according to CSR Hebel, ‘one standard Hebel panel is the equivalent of 75 traditional bricks, which means a 150m2 home can go up as quickly as within 3 days when installed by experienced Hebel installers.’ Using Hebel to build your new home is a fantastic solution to cut down the time before your handover date which is why it’s quickly becoming a customer favourite. 


With an alarming increase of pollution in this day and age, it’s reassuring to know that amongst Hebel’s many benefits, it also treads lightly on this planet, as it’s an environmentally friendly choice of building material made using readily available raw materials. Manufactured in Australia, the waste generated in the manufacturing process is recycled, even down to the steam that’s produced. That’s why Hebel is the smart choice.


If you live near a high-traffic road and are dreading the noise once you move in, you may want to highly consider building with Hebel, because it reduces noise transmission. When compared to polystyrene and many fibre cement substrates, the use of Hebel for external walls reduces noise from external sources like traffic, meaning more peace and quiet for your family. Additionally, if you’re building a double storey home and use Hebel on the upper floors, it can also reduce sound transference between levels as well.

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If you live in a high Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Zone, you may want to consider using Hebel, as it’s renowned for its fire resistant properties, and is a non-combustible building material. Tested by the CSIRO, Hebel systems have proven to achieve Fire Resistance Levels of 60 minutes through to 240 minutes, and meet or exceed the requirements for all six BAL categories, making it an ideal choice in bushfire zones.

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For more information about using Hebel in your brand new Clarendon Home, visit your nearest display centre and talk to our knowledgeable sales consultants to see how we can help you build your dream home with Hebel!