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Building your home /19.10.21

How much does it cost to build a house in Brisbane?

An exciting city filled with amazing cafes and home to a lively nightlife, full of entertainment, living in Brisbane can be a convenient and fun-filled experience. But how realistic is this dream? There’s no magic number to determine how much it will cost to build a house in Brisbane, but we can certainly point you in the right direction.

When choosing whether to build or buy, it’s important to understand what goes into both processes when making the decision. If you were to buy a home, you might get the exact street you’re looking for but might end up paying more in the long-run with older plumbing and unreliable electricals. Not to mention if you decide to renovate to get the floorplan you want and discover another myriad of problems.

If you decide to build, you might not get the exact street you want but instead a newer community filled with upcoming projects to enhance the area. Not only that, but you’d also get to design the exact floor plan you need while sticking to a budget that’s appropriate for you and your family.

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According to Realestate.com, the average price per square metre is $900 for a block of land around Brisbane in March, 2021. So for example, if you are after a 600sqm2 block of land, you’ll be looking to pay upwards of $540,000. However, the cost does depend on the property market, as well as which suburb you are looking at, and as a general rule of thumb, the closer the block of land is to the CBD, the higher the price you will be paying. 

When considering the block to purchase, it’s best to pick a block that is relatively flat. At face value, flatter blocks may appear more expensive, however a home built on a sloping block can incur many hidden costs such as cut and fill and can become a costly project. Therefore, in the long run, it may be worth purchasing a more expensive, flatter block of land than purchasing a sloping block.

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Home Designs In Brisbane

Once you’ve picked your block in the area you’d like to build in, it’s time to determine the best home to fit the block and also suit your family style. Our Boston 43 is designed to suit a 14m wide lot and has five spacious bedrooms with an open plan living and large alfresco, starting from $364,400. This double storey home is the entertainer’s dream and offers your guests plenty of space to mingle. 

Another one of our most popular home designs is the Parkhill 29, which features four generous bedrooms and three living areas to suit a 12.5m wide lot from just $287,900. This affordable double storey home has plenty of room for the whole family to spread out into their own private retreats, or come together for a movie night. 

If single storey living is more your thing, make sure you check out the Ashgrove 29. This roomy single storey home suits wide 16m+ lot widths, and boasts four bedrooms and three separate living areas starting from $236,300. This popular home is designed for big living on one level, and offers plenty of individual space for your whole family. 

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Building a brand new home is an exciting time for you and your family, and Clarendon Homes will be there to support you throughout your entire building journey. Each of our homes have the option of two levels of inclusions, featuring high quality finishes and fittings, as well as appliances from leaders in technology. Your brand new Clarendon home also comes with a lifetime structural guarantee, for your peace of mind.

Wondering how you can get started on your building journey? Visit one of your nearest display homes and chat to one of our friendly consultants about how you can start building your dream home, or check out our stunning range of home designs to get your inspiration flowing.