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Building your home /18.08.21

How much does it cost to build a home?

Note that all prices stated were correct as at the time of publishing (August 2021).

Building a new home is one of the biggest purchase decisions you can make in your lifetime, and across south-east Queensland many families continue to embark on this journey to create a home that best suits their individual budget, needs, lifestyle and of course stage in life. But for many, it’s not so straightforward to see how much it might cost to build a new home. At some point early on in the journey, most people compare the prospect of building a new home with buying an existing home. 

The reason why building is so appealing to so many is because you can get the home design you want in the location you want, as opposed to buying an existing home where you may get the dream location but you may have to compromise on design features or make costly renovations to personalise it to your needs.

However, with an existing property it’s relatively easy to see how much it will cost upfront, whereas if you want to build a home there are some significant variables that may determine the overall cost. That’s why it’s always a good idea to talk to a professional and transparent home building company like Clarendon Homes, who have been building for over 43 years and can provide you with all the necessary information you need up front before you commit to the big decision to build.

The price to build a home in Brisbane, Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast will be largely determined by these factors:

  • Your block of land

  • Your floorplan

  • Facade appearance

  •  Inclusions

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Your Land

Your block of land can be the biggest cost component for your new home project, and this cost can vary significantly based on location and size. For example, in Covella (Greenbank) or Yarrabilba, both land estates south-west of Brisbane, expect to pay just over $200,000 for a 350m2 block with a 12.5m frontage. 

Over on the bay side of Brisbane, in a new estate called Shoreline, expect to pay around the mid $300,000’s for a 420m2 block with a 14m frontage. Towards the upper end of the scale, at Newport on the north side a block of land could cost you between $800,000 and $1,300,000 depending on its proximity to water and size.

Aside from location and size, certain types of blocks may be more costly to build on than others. For example, sloping blocks are generally more expensive to build on than flat blocks as they may require a different type of construction. For blocks such as this you may need to consider a specialised builder who can offer a tailored design solution for your specific site. 

Remember to always talk to a Clarendon Homes consultant before you buy the land. This has two benefits: firstly, you can find a home design that suits the way you and your family want to live so you can then find land to suit; and secondly, one of our consultants may be able to advise on the suitability of your preferred block of land before you commit to buying it. 

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The nature and size of your floorplan will directly determine the cost of your build. Small single storey homes that consist of three bedrooms, one living room and a single garage which is skewed towards the lower end of the price-scale such as our Ella 15, starts from only $167,700. 

Whereas on the other end of the scale, big double storey homes such as our brand new Grande 57 on display at Lomandra Park, boasts five spacious bedrooms each with their own ensuite, four separate living areas and a grand entrance, with a price that starts from $445,000. 

However, there are plenty of home designs in between that were designed to bring value for money to families while still offering a level of luxury. For example, our popular Parkhill 34 double storey home featuring five bedrooms, three living areas and a double garage starts at $312,700. But double storey homes can also be relatively affordable; take Clarendon’s Parkhill 29 for example, with four bedrooms and three living areas from just $287,900.

If a larger single storey home is what you’re after, then a design like our very popular Ashgrove 29 with its four bedrooms and three separate living areas starts from $236,300. At Clarendon Homes, we have over 100 different home designs including double storey, single storey and acreage plans that suit a variety of lifestyles, budgets and land sizes, so you’ll be sure to find your dream home with us. 

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Facade Appearance

facade upgrade is a great way to  increase your home’s street appeal. This can be optional for your home, however in some land estates, covenants may dictate mandatory requirements for the appearance of your facade. If you are unsure of these requirements, check with a Clarendon Homes consultant. Either way, Clarendon offers a range of facade options to suit. 

Adding the price of your home’s facade to the total cost of your build can sometimes be  overlooked. At Clarendon Homes, a standard “Traditional” facade is included on all of our homes at no extra cost, however we also offer a range of options for you to upgrade the front appearance of your home to suit any mandatory requirements as well as your style and tastes.

If you are looking for a contemporary look for your double storey homes at an affordable price, take a look at the popular Oxford facade with its signature feature pier, priced from just $3,990 (based on a Parkhill series home design). If the sharp, clean lines of the Axis facade are more your style, this facade option starts from $7,250 (based on a Parkhill series home design).

Perhaps you would like a nice wide balcony to the front of your double storey home to take advantage of a view? At Clarendon, you can achieve this with our Gallery facade option which starts from $16,750 or Elite facade from $15,700 (based on a Parkhill series home design). If a Hamptons look is a must-have for your new home, Clarendon offers the affordable Newport facade from $13,900 as well as the Hamptons facade complete with balcony from $29,400 (based on a Parkhill series home design). 

There are dozens of facade options available to choose from for your chosen floor plan. Bear in mind that all the prices mentioned here are based on a face brick finish to your home. If you want to enhance your facade further with material options like render, keep in mind that this will add additional cost to your chosen facade. 

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qld display-homes Newport Parkhill-34-MR parkhill-34-open-plan-living-812-x-465


Inclusions are the fixtures, finishes and features which are included in the price of your home. At Clarendon Homes we offer two different levels of inclusions for your home, and which level you choose will affect the total cost of your build. No matter if you’re a value seeker, stylish at heart or luxury minded, we offer the options of our Aspire or Luxe inclusions to make you feel right at home. 

Our Aspire inclusions come with a complete range of products that offer the latest look and functionality, all at an amazing price. While our Luxe inclusions allows you to enjoy designer touches, contemporary lines and breathtaking elegance from our quality selection of premium products. We realise that everyone is different, so that’s why we offer a choice of inclusions with each and every home to suit different tastes and budgets.

As Luxe inclusions consists of a higher level of finish for your home, it will cost more to build a home in Luxe inclusions than the same home in Aspire inclusions. As an example, a Boston 37 currently starts from $320,100 with Aspire inclusions and from $333,300 with Luxe inclusions. You can obtain a price list for all our homes in both Aspire and Luxe inclusions on our web site or in a display home. Also, ask us for a copy of our Aspire and Luxe inclusions brochures.

As you can see, there are some important variables to consider when it comes to the cost of building a new home. That’s why it’s so important to engage with a builder like Clarendon Homes, who has the experience to help you along the journey which can only be gained by over 40 years’ experience. 

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qld display-homes Newport Parkhill-34-MR parkhill-34-ensuite-812-x-465

Understanding what costs to consider before you begin your building journey will allow you to be better informed about what to expect throughout your building process, and therefore make the entire building experience a more rewarding one. 

To start building your dream home, visit your nearest display centre and chat to one of our friendly sales consultants.